DeGrezia Ristorante: Italian Offerings With Fine Service

Located at 50th St. and 2nd Avenue in Midtown, DeGrezia is a hidden gem. Courtesy of Flickr

Located at 50th St. and 2nd Avenue in Midtown, DeGrezia is a hidden gem. Courtesy of Flickr

By Nicole Horton

DeGrezia Ristorante, located at 231 E 50th St. in Manhattan, is an upscale, old-school Italian res- taurant nestled away in Midtown East. It is approximately an eight minute walk from Grand Central Terminal, so it is a convenient location for Fordham students. As I arrived with a group to celebrate a friend’s birthday, we entered through a lower-level entrance. Soft lighting, candles and much-meeded heat greeted us as we were seated.

As we settled in, we noticed that the restaurant was quiet and intimate, with classical Italian music playing at a low volume, not overly lively or noisy. It is a great choice for a night out with friends or a date when you just want to talk and not have to shout over music or other patrons.

My friends and I noted that the staff was very friendly and accommodating throughout our meal.

We decided to forego appetizers because we wanted to order pasta dishes followed by dessert. For appetizers, you can choose from a variety of antipasti, salads and soups. You also have the option of ordering a pasta dish as an appetizer, which can be a nice way for everyone in the group to have a taste.

I ordered the Risotto Pescatora — rice cooked in a seafood stew of shrimps, clams, calamari, crab meat and lobster broth, along with bits of tomato and parsley. It was a delicious mixture that any seafood lover or Italian food connoisseur would whole-heartedly recommend. My friends ordered dishes such as Gnocchi al Gorgonzola and Capellini con Aragosta. Like my selection, the capellini, angel hair pasta with a lobster sauce and fresh lobster meat, is a delicious splurge since seafood is generally one of the most expensive selec- tions on the menu.

As I mentioned before, skipping appetizers is a way to ensure you are not full for your entree, and it is a good way to budget during a night out. Another friend remarked that the gnocchi in a creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce with a hint of fresh rosemary topped with sweet pears seemed like it would not mesh well together, but appreciated the unique combination.

After finishing our main course, we appreciated that our waiter did not rush to give us the check. We took a break before ordering dessert to celebrate my friend’s birthday.

Our waiter brought over a flourless chocolate cake topped with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce that was large enough for everyone to have a nice taste. Although “flourless” sounds potentially disastrous, the cake resembled a light chocolate mousse.

Our time at DeGrezia Ristorante proved to be a memorable, yet low-key night with delicious food and excellent service.


Nicole Horton is the Culture Editor for The Fordham Ram. 


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