Father Massingale Joins Theology Department

The Fordham theology department is welcoming a new professor in Fall 2016. Bryan Massingale is a leading Catholic social ethicist and scholar of African-American theological ethics, racial justice and liberation theology. Massingale received his doctorate from the Academia Alphonsianum in Rome. He has earned two honorary doctorates, held the Bernard J. Hanley Chair at Santa Clara and received Marquette University’s highest award for teaching excellence in 2009. He has written over 80 articles, book chapters and book reviews. His book, “Racial Justice and the Catholic Church,” published in 2010, won a first place book award from the Catholic Press Association. On Monday, Feb. 22 at 6 p.m. at Fordham Lincoln Center’s campus, Father Massingale will present a discussion called “Beyond ‘Authentically Black and Truly Catholic’: Black Identity for a New Time.”

Compiled by Michael Byrne and Theresa Schliep


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