The Chain Nobody Is Talking About…But Should Be

By Allison Russo

Bareburger offers delicious, healthy and creative alternatives to traditional burgers. (Allison Russo for The Fordham Ram)

Bareburger offers delicious, healthy and creative alternatives to traditional burgers. (Allison Russo for The Fordham Ram)

Can you find insanely delicious burgers with no genetically modified organisms or pesticides sold at a reasonable price? Yes, organic burger bliss is possible. Bareburger is a quickly growing chain that started right here in New York, serving custom, made-to-order burgers for carnivores, vegetarians and everyone in between.

Burgers aren’t the only thing these guys know how to do. Its “shares” menu is perfect for sharing with the rest of your table, and has tons of savory and salty choices. Its Macho Fries are essentially the french fry version of nachos, loaded with guacamole, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo and house-made ranch dressing. Quite simply, this junk food mash up is not messing around.

For a healthier option, split an order of Crispy Brussels Sprouts, which are served with fresh lemon juice and a dusting of nutty manchego cheese. Salads are available and totally customizable, but the ultimate veggie-based, non-burger option here is the Falafelwraptor. Homemade falafel is topped with tangy feta cheese, crunchy cucumbers and lemony tahini dressing for a tasty Mediterranean-inspired twist on a classic street food.

If you’re not a fan of burgers, it has a variety of chicken sandwiches and three different kinds of veggie burgers. Bareburger offers a selection of signature burgers if you don’t want to build your own, like the Wiki Wiki (wild boar, gouda, duck bacon and grilled pineapple) and the SoCal (turkey, cheddar, alfalfa and guacamole). It also have a ton of homemade sauces you can add to any item, but the creamy buttermilk ranch and spicy habanero mayo are definitely the winners.

Bareburger sources ingredients from high-quality, local artisans like Maine Root soda and Sir Kensington’s ketchup. It cheese comes from pasture-raised cows and sheep, its meat (including exotic varieties like elk, duck and wild boar) is hormone-free and either all-natural or organic. If you decide to create your own burger, which I recommend, the options are endless.

There are nearly a dozen kinds of patties you can choose from, ranging from sesame ginger beef to sweet potato and wild rice. I recommend a brioche bun, but collard green wraps are also available if you’re watching your carb intake. Bareburger offers standard toppings like tomatoes, lettuce and pickles, but takes it up a notch with options like stout onions and pickled green tomatoes. In addition, they have three different kinds of bacon.

A burger will set you back around $12, so it’s definitely pricier than a Big Mac, and unfortunately, Bareburger doesn’t have a dollar menu. However, this is truly a burger you can feel good about eating. In addition to supporting an ethical, up-and-coming business, you’re getting high-quality food that was made just for you.


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