Nicholas Sparks’ New Movie, ‘The Best of Me,’ in Review

Nicholas Sparks is at it again with his latest romance movie The Best of Me. Courtesy of Flickr

Nicholas Sparks is at it again with his latest romance movie The Best of Me. Courtesy of Flickr

By Mackenzie Gentry

Let’s talk about love. More specifically, let’s talk about the heart-warming, tear-jerking, “oh-my-god-my-love-life-sucks” love that Nicholas Sparks is keen on creating. His latest film adaptation of his novel The Best of Me premiered on Oct. 17. Although it has not been as buzzed about and successful as a few of his past stories, the film still manages to be a tear-jerker.
The drama unfolds in the picturesque, charming countryside of 1980s Louisiana. Although the scenarios are a tad romanticized (because a mosquito-less swamp is completely realistic, right?), the heart of the story follows a relatively believable path. High school sweethearts Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole are reunited after over two decades when they meet for a funeral of a beloved friend. Their scars, sorrows and stories slowly come to light at the hands of their deceased friend and mentor. A noble man who was once a boy stuck in a drug addicted family, and a passionless woman who was once an ambitious girl on track for a law degree, come together after years of heartache to once again find the best in each other. They are, in the truest sense of the term, star-crossed lovers. It is a story laced with the workings of destiny, hope and unrelenting love. It will leave you crying on your couch, eating pints and pints of rocky road ice cream.

However, if you are the type of person who finds true joy in decoding the end of a film, you will not be nearly as shocked or devastated as your naïve companions.

The end of the movie is somewhat predictable and, though it pains me to say it, a little cheesy. Also, since the plot resembles a few of his other writings, the story seems almost too familiar. Nevertheless, the overall experience of The Best of Me is a wonderful, romantic journey into the depths of “why-can’t-this-happen-to-me.” If you are looking for a date-night drama, or simply just need a good cry, The Best of Me is definitely the best of your options.


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