OSLCD Rebranded: The Office for Student Involvement

Dean Nolan played an integral part in the changes to the Office of Student Interest. Caroline LeBranti/The Fordham Ram.

Dean Nolan played an integral part in the changes to the Office of Student Interest. Caroline LeBranti/The Fordham Ram.

By Erin Shanahan

The Office for Student Involvement, formerly known as the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development (OSLCD), announced several changes to its department, as well as the appointment of Monique Dumaine, the new Student Organizations and Engagement Specialist.

The Office for Student Leadership Assistant Director seat, previously held by Shannon Driscoll, is still empty at this time.

Alanna Nolan, Assistant Dean for Student Involvement, made these announcements publicly at the first United Student Government meeting of the semester last Thursday.

“It is with great enthusiasm we announce the transition of the ‘Office for Student Leadership and Community Development’ to the ‘Office for Student Involvement,’” Nolan stated.

The former OSLCD went through many changes this summer in response to an increase in clubs, events, and overall student involvement in campus life.

“Student organization programming through our office has grown from 1,702 (in 2009-10) to 3,531 (in 2014-2015) for a 107% increase over the past 5 years.” Nolan explained. “The growth in registered clubs and organizations has also flourished from 80 clubs in 2010 to 125- that’s a 64% increase.”

The first major change to the department includes a new title.

“After sharing different options with students, this was the title that resoundingly excited students,” Nolan said.

This name was picked following collaboration both with the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center offices. In addition, feedback from Fordham Students regarding the new title was utilized. The new title reflects the increase on student engagement and life on campus, according to the office.

“Office for Student Involvement is a clearer and more inclusive title that will resonate with the Fordham community better than our previous title,” Nolan said, “This is a shorter title that speaks more intuitively to the many resources and services we provide, and encompassing of our larger mission of the education of the whole person with meaningful interactions.”
The Office for Student Involvement will also be avoiding the acronym “OSI.” The department hopes that avoiding this acronym will allow all students to understand the department’s mission universally.

“While there is not an outright ‘ban’ on the acronym, we recognize that at times acronyms can create an exclusivity of those who do not “know” what the acronym stands for versus those who are ‘in the know,’” Nolan explained.

Although the Rose Hill department has already begun rebranding themselves, the Lincoln Center office plans to implement these changes in the summer of 2016. The office is waiting to move into their office in the new Student Affairs Center at 140 West 62nd Street before making these changes.

In addition to this rebranding, the Office for Student Involvement created a new position to help alleviate the workload due to the dramatic increase in clubs and events on campus: The Student Organizations and Engagement Specialist.

“We are enthused to announce Monique Dumaine, graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, as the Student Organizations and Engagement Specialist.” Nolan said, “More information is to come about Monique, her drop in hours, and how you can connect with her. As for now, we are excited to have her join the team and experience what she will contribute to the future success of Fordham students.”

Dumaine, who will be starting immediately, will work to support and advise Fordham Rose Hill clubs and organizations. The specialist will deal with room reservations and required legal documents, such as contracts and waivers. In addition, the specialist will act as a liaison to other departments to successfully execute club events.

The specialist also will be in charge of designing, planning and advertising a program of monthly club leader workshops. These workshops will support student leaders, facilitate leadership development and, ultimately, aid club endeavors.

Daily “Drop In Hours” for clubs and organizations also will be held by Dumaine. During these times, the specialist will advise student leaders on event planning, payment procedures and upcoming events.

Although the newly created position of Student Organizations and Engagement Specialist has been filled, the search continues for a Student Involvement Assistant Director.

“We are currently undergoing a nationwide search to fill the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming position,” said Nolan. “With Fordham students being the best and brightest on a global scale, we have high standards to ensure an incumbent will go above and beyond in providing an intentional and holistic experience for Fordham students.”

The past Student Involvement Assistant Director, Shannon Driscoll, moved on to a new job opportunity this past summer.

“I believe she has left behind solid critical processes and was thoughtful in her transition as she moved on to new endeavors,” Nolan concluded.

The Office for Student Involvement will be having a launch event soon to promote all the new changes and new faces within the department.


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