The Fordham Ram welcomes all submissions of op-eds and letters to the editor. Op-eds typically run approximately 650-800 words, while letters to the editor run 250 words. All submissions should be sent to the opinion editors via email at

Please include your full name, any affiliations with Fordham University or other institutions and organizations relevant to the content of your letter, and an evening or mobile phone number so that you can be contacted if your piece is chosen for publication.All submissions to the Ram must be previously unpublished. Newspapers and other organizations looking to republish The Fordham Ram op-eds in print should email for further information.We publish letters that are direct responses to an article or a column that appeared in the Ram. Opinion pieces, however, are primarily meant to raise new topics for conversation or put forth substantially developed new arguments about an issue already raised in our publication.
Submissions that directly reference, quote or paraphrase prior Ram op -eds will not be chosen for publication.

As a policy, we do not permit anonymous submissions. However if you believe you absolutely cannot write without anonymity, please email with an explanation of your situation.

The Ram reserves the right to edit all submissions prior to publication, though authors will be contacted regarding any major changes. Any columnist may be asked to edit their column in-person at the The Ram Office, located in the McGinley Basement, with the opinion editors, or otherwise their column may not be published. The Ram is responsible for all headlines.

If you are considering writing a letter to the editor or an op-ed, please feel free to contact the opinion editor by email at to discuss your topic before submission.

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