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Isiah Magsino, FCRH ‘19, stands in the lobby of the Metropoltian Opera House, where he attended a production of “Marnie.” (Courtesy of Isiah Magsino)

The Met’s “Marnie” Is an Opera of Many Identities

October 31, 2018

By Isiah Magsino Upon entering the main lobby, thoughts of the first class on the Titanic and debutante balls wove in and out of my head. The building’s interior design says “opulent”: red velvet carpe...

The Latest Fashion Month and the Death of Streetwear

October 17, 2018

By: Isiah Magsino Put away those chunky Balenciaga sneakers and tracksuits; the emphasis on streetwear is no longer in — sorry hypebeasts! Who would  want to spend close to a grand on chunky sneakers that can be found easily at a thrift store anyway? Streetwear and urban life have been a bothersome trend since the rise of Yeezy’s and Kardashian influence which glamourized athletic stripes, chunky dad sneakers and...

Fashion designer, Melody Ehansi moderates a panel on 'Race' with Black Lives Matter activist Janaya Khan, South Sudanese model Mari Malek and British-Pakistani model Mariah Idrissi. (Isha Khawaja/The Fordham Ram)

Real Talk at Gurls Talk: Panel Highlights Women’s Stories

March 14, 2018

By Isha Khawaja On Sunday March 12, the Gurls Talk Festival in collaboration with Coach and Teen Vogue harbored a space for young girls to share their insecurities about their bodies, learn to actively...

During the holiday season, it is important to remember the religious aspect of Christmas instead of its secularization. (Courtesy of Flickr).

Naughty and Nice Ways to Spend Money

December 7, 2016

By Natalie Dowd In the spirit of encouraging fashion retailers to be transparent this holiday season, Oxfam released its annual “naughty or nice” list of clothing companies that have or have not...

Victoria’s Secret released a photo of Jasmine Tookes, stretch marks and all. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Popular Fashion Brands Embrace Body Positivity

November 9, 2016

By Kwamesha Joseph  In the midst of social justice and women’s empowerment movements, people are becoming more aware of the ways in which influential clothing and lifestyle brands contribute to societal issues such as bo...

The tagline“Survive!” speaks to the name JackRabbit and the inspiration from nature.

Have No Fear, JackRabbit Clothing is Hare

October 5, 2016

By Elizabeth Smislova  Patrick Alicki, GSB ’17, and Evan Solomon, FRCH ’17, are the creators and producers of a clothing company called JackRabbit Clothing. The Fordham Ram: What are you majoring in? What else do y...

Chokers are making a huge comeback this season, only a part of the 90’s trend. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Fall Fashion 2016: A Season of Extremes

September 7, 2016

By Isabella LiPuma This summer’s heat wave has left many of us favoring skimpy staples over substantial ones. For the past several months, we have been donning monochromatic crop tops and body-c...

Denim is a significant fabric in American history, but it also has a place in the fashion world as the epitome of cool. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Denim on Denim, The Ultimate Jean Pool

April 27, 2016

By Amanda Giglio Jeans, especially blue jeans, have been popular in the fashion world for decades. Since the teenage greaser culture of the 1950s, the ’60s hippies are into the ’70s and ’80s yo...

Fordham Road offers more to students than an uphill trek to the D train. Andrea Garcia/ The Fordham Ram

Fordham Road: A Shopper’s Paradise

February 10, 2016

By Katherine Kelly Our little area of the Bronx offers a variety of tourist activities such as the Bronx Zoo, Botanical Gardens and Little Italy on Arthur Ave. However, many Bronx visitors and residents can over...

Bowie set the stage for new looks in fashion, wearing androgynous clothing. Courtesy of AP

May The Starman Rest in Peace: A Tribute to Bowie Fashion

January 27, 2016

By Isabella Lipuma As we mourn the London-born David Bowie, we recall a myriad of radicalizing pop music spanning five decades, celestial alter egos such as the beloved Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke and a sense...

For Halloween Costumes, Borrowing Ideas from Pop Culture

October 20, 2015

By Nicole Horton With Halloween quickly approaching, like many, I am unable to come up with an idea for a costume. Whether you are interested in dressing up as one of the most-buzzed about politicians,...

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian pose before attending the Givenchy show.

New York Fall Fashion Week Finds Its Stride

September 23, 2015

By Lucas Baker With a record number of over 125,000 attendees and a revenue of $900 million, New York Fashion Week returned this fall in full force. It was an eventful week with countless shows, parties and cele...

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