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Kevin James, FCRH '23, joined FDM his first semester of college. (Courtesy of Kevin James)

Freshman Finds His Mission with FDM and Beyond

April 22, 2020

James has already done so much to support and spread the cause of FDM, but he still has a lot to look forward to in his future with the organization.

Liam Leahy, FCRH '22, is a self-professed workaholic. (Courtesy of Liam Leahy for The Fordham Ram)

Sophomore Does It All and More

April 15, 2020

As if this is all not enough, Leahy is looking to start his own club at Fordham.

Keith Bodmer, FCRH ’20, has a double major in film and computer science. (Courtesy of Keith Bodmer)

Senior Gracefully Combines Diverse Majors

April 1, 2020

What do you get when you cross a film and computer, science major? Keith Bodmer, FCRH ’20. That may not sound like a typical mix, but it has been the perfect combination for Bodmer — a way to pursue ...

Graduate Student Makes Waves in Broadcasting

March 11, 2020

Despite sustaining an injury which sidelined her for the entire women’s 2019-20 basketball season, Isis Young, FCRH ’20, is finding success off the hardwood court and in the broadcasting booth. Love...

Brianna Leverty, FCRH ‘20, first fell in love with Fordham University after visiting the campus during high school. (Courtesy of LinkedIn)

Senior Found Her Place in WFUV

March 4, 2020

Leverty grew up in Severna Park, Maryland, roughly 15 minutes outside of Annapolis.

Matt Fisher, FCRH ’21 is co-director of Fordham Dance Marathon. (Courtesy of Matt Fisher)

Junior Takes Passion For Helping Others to FDM

February 19, 2020

During his time as a member of the team that works on FDM, Matt has also found his passion for improving the lives of other people as much as he can.

Nicholas Zaromatidis, GSB `21 has been an RA since his sophomore year. (Courtesy of Nicholas Zaromatidis/ The Fordham Ram)

Junior RA Aids In Freshman Transition

February 12, 2020

Helping his freshmen residents with their transition into college is one of his biggest focuses.

Cochran’s work focuses on climate change and public policy. (Courtesy of Colleen Cochran/The Fordham Ram)

Junior Strives to Save the Earth, One Policy at a Time

February 5, 2020

Colleen Cochran has been involved in climate change research since age 13.

Madi Burkart, GSB '21, is the secretary of Fordham's Expressions Dance Alliance. (Courtesy of Madi Burkart for the Fordham Ram)

Junior Passionately Dances Through Life

January 29, 2020

Despite her love for New York City, Burkart said she misses Chicago and her family, especially her nephews and niece.

Daniella Rossi poses in her natural habitat: the streets of NYC.

Senior Appreciates Her New York Upbringing

January 22, 2020

That go-getter attitude is something that Rossi has applied to her life both in and outside of Fordham. Her passions include fashion, coding, working with children and advertising. Amazingly, she is able to use the life lessons that the city has taught her to incorporate them into her daily life.

Annie Muscat, FCRH ‘20, has interned at PEN America and the Whitney Museum, motivated by her love of art history. (Annie Muscat/ The Fordham Ram)

Senior Seeks to Diversify Art History World

December 4, 2019

Annie Muscat, FCRH ’20, has used her time at Fordham to explore her love of art history, turning her passion from “something I was a little unsure could be an actual career path to what I see myself...

Evan Manafort, GSB ‘20 grows his own lemons to make limencello. (Courtesy of Trey Dugan)

Senior Takes Life’s Lemons and Makes a Business

November 20, 2019

Family tradition is rooted in various aspects of our lives, whether it be holiday customs, customary recipes or historical events your family has endured. For Evan Manafort, GSB ’20, his family has both...

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