The Ramantic: Moving On


Nicholas Raymond/Flickr

Have you ever had your heart broken? No? Well, have you ever been hurt by another person? It’s hard to move on when someone you trust hurts you and defies that trust. Trying to foster a positive attitude while looking towards the future, can ease your pain. After taking some time, you may be ready to move on from a break-up or betrayal, but may not know how. Keep these things in mind for help:

It is ok if you are not ok.
When you are hurt, the first turn on the road to recovery is feeling the pain and allowing it to resonate with you. Allow yourself 24 hours to be sad. Allow yourself to think about how unfortunate it is that something like this happened to you. The pity party can only last for one day though. Afterward, you need to pick yourself up and reflect on the good things in your life.

Someone, somewhere is going through something worse.
Some people may be dealing with the death of a loved one or trying to work through their sexual orientation. Some people live in underdeveloped countries and cannot find enough food for the day. This does not mean that whatever you are going through is irrelevant; however, you need to remember that it could be worse.

This is not the end of your world.
So you may be romantically hurt, even maybe romantically out of commission, but there are many things you still have: your family, your friends, your academics and your talents. Draw upon these things to clear you mind and remember your own self worth. Do not let being hurt by someone who is close to you ruin all of the other things in your world.

At a certain point in time, you need to stop talking about it.
Every time you formulate a sentence about your hurt, you are wasting seconds and brainpower. Someone who hurt you does not deserve that time, and they especially do not deserve time you could have spent being more productive. Regardless of the time wasted, you also want to channel positivity so as to not jeopardize the other relationships in your life. Smile and clear your mind because you are amazing!