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Thank You, Man at Starbucks

January 29, 2020

The man at Starbucks told me to find what I was passionate about and follow it. I'd like to think he would be proud of me for finding and following that passion at the Ram, but I'll never know.

Advice to Live By: Christmas at Fordham and NYC

December 2, 2015

By Catherine Kastberg With the holiday season approaching, I wanted to shed some light on a few seasonal activities at our disposal to get us all in the holiday spirit. This is a special and unique season, the only time of the year when certain activities are held. People travel from all over the world to get a taste of the holiday season in New York City, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t take advantage of it as well. ...

The Ramantic’s Romances

November 18, 2015

When I started writing this column around eight months ago, I was a perpetuator of hook-up culture. I would work through my problems (which usually involved my self-esteem) with my friends and come to a conclusion only to have a wrench thrown by another guy or to realize a couple of days later I changed my mind. I found by the end of the semester that the guys I enjoyed being around the most were the ones I connected to in...

Fall Semester Blues

November 11, 2015

By Catherine Kastberg It’s that point in the semester where everyone is getting tired. Physically and emotionally, everyone is exhausted. The inconsistent weather, and the school work that keeps piling on is a lot to take in. We all know how hard it can be to force yourself to sit down and and start doing work. As students, it is our job to attend class and get good grades, but how do we do this when our drive is all the...

Midterm Stress

October 28, 2015

By Catherine Kastberg This is a very stressful time during the semester. Midterms are winding down, projects are starting up and it seems like you never get a moment to just breathe and calm down. It is so important not to let stress get the best of you. Here are some tips that you should try if you are feeling stressed. Ohm… Yoga is one of the best ways to de-stress. It helps to keep both your body and soul fit, as wel...

Citi bike is a popular, city-sponsored bike sharing program for New York City, based on a program that began in London. Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Fun Fall Activities

October 7, 2015

By Catherine Kastberg It’s finally fall, and we all know what that means! It’s finally time for apple picking, pumpkin patches, hot apple cider, cider donuts and football Sundays. We are so used t...

Air conditioning is a part of Walsh Hall's long-term future. (Courtesy of Fordham)

Hosting & Visiting Friends

September 22, 2015

By Catherine Kastberg Question: How would you go about balancing spending time with your on-campus friends and visiting out-of-state friends while not falling behind on your school work? Well first, let’s s...

Courtesy of Chenli Ye/The Ram Dean McPhee looks forward to transitioning into her new position as Dean of the Graduate School of Social Services.

Senior Scaries

September 13, 2015

By Catherine Kastberg It seems like only yesterday you were that starry-eyed, rosy-cheeked freshman wandering onto campus for the first time; the world was yours for the taking. No curfew, no parents — t...

Photo by Drew Dipane/The Ram Students and families gathered during the day outside of Hughes Hall to take tours provided by Rose Hill Society.

Advice to Live By: A Fun, Safe Spring Weekend

April 22, 2015

By Katherine Kastberg  Question: Lately, when I have been going out, I have found that I am unable to monitor and pace my alcohol consumption. I have found myself in really embarrassing situations an...

The Ramantic: Moving On

The Ramantic: Moving On

April 15, 2015

Have you ever had your heart broken? No? Well, have you ever been hurt by another person? It’s hard to move on when someone you trust hurts you and defies that trust. Trying to foster a positive attitude while looking towards the future, can ease your pain. After taking some time, you ma...

The Ramantic: Hashing it Out

The Ramantic: Hashing it Out

March 11, 2015

What to do when your friends do not like your significant other. Often times what happens within a relationship is unknown to people outside of the relationship. What happens with you and your boyfrie...

Advice to Live By: Freshman 15

February 11, 2015

By Catherine Kastberg As much as we all try to play it off as a joke, the “freshman 15” is in fact a real thing. Not only is it a real issue, but it is a problem many of us have encountered face-to-face. Gaining weight and college seem to go hand-in-hand. Since we are a now in the second semester of this year, everyone is probably well aware of the struggles we all face in the cafeteria. It does not help that the pizza b...

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