Advice to Live By: A Fun, Safe Spring Weekend


Photo by Drew Dipane/The Ram Students and families gathered during the day outside of Hughes Hall to take tours provided by Rose Hill Society.

By Katherine Kastberg 

Question: Lately, when I have been going out, I have found that I am unable to monitor and pace my alcohol consumption. I have found myself in really embarrassing situations and my friends are fed up with constantly taking care of me. Since Spring Weekend is almost here, I really think this issue needs to be addressed.

Answer: College students constantly associate their social lives and standings with going out and partying. It’s a great way to meet people, let loose after a long week of work and classes and relax. You would be surprised how often a fun, casual night can take a wrong turn. When you are out and surrounded by all your friends who are just throwing back drinks, it is easy to feel pressured to try and keep up. Everyone’s tolerance is different.

Girls, do not try to go drink for drink with your guy friends. Weight and gender are two of the main factors that affect your BAC. Women naturally produce less of the enzymes that break down alcohol in the stomach, making them reach their peak BAC 20 percent faster than men. When it comes to drinking it is very important to take it slow, and make sure you remember to stay hydrated. This is especially important during Spring Weekend, considering you are outside and in the sun for a majority of the time. Try drinking a glass of water in between drinks.

Also make sure you eat a proper meal before you start drinking. Each night you go out, try bringing only a certain amount of cash and leave your debit card at home. Without cash, you can’t buy drinks and you won’t find your drunk self running to the ATM to take out more cash. It is also very important that you surround yourself with people who have your best interests in mind. If you are concerned about drinking, voice this to your friends so they will know to keep an eye out for you. Remember that you do not need to drink to have fun.

If you are tired and had a long day, suggest a movie night to your friends, or go out for a nice early dinner. Sleep is another big factor and can impair your judgement, so if you are really tired it is not a good idea to mix in alcohol. Also do not forget that Fordham has certain policies against underage drinking and if you are irresponsible and get caught, there are repercussions. It is never fun being the drunkest one at the party, and wouldn’t you rather remember your college experience?