Fun Fall Activities

Citi bike is a popular, city-sponsored bike sharing program for New York City, based on a program that began in London. Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia


Citi bike is a popular, city-sponsored bike sharing program for New York City, based on a program that began in London. Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

By Catherine Kastberg

It’s finally fall, and we all know what that means! It’s finally time for apple picking, pumpkin patches, hot apple cider, cider donuts and football Sundays. We are so used to experiencing these fun, fall activities when we are at home with our families, so why can’t we do them with our friends while at school, too?

A good thing about Fordham is there are a lot of students who live nearby and have access to a car, so you can take a day trip to go apple and pumpkin picking. Some orchards are only about an hour away in North Salem, Croton Falls and Yorktown, New York. If taking a car is not an option, you could take the train right to the Golden’s Bridge stop and take an Uber to whichever orchard you choose. There is also an awesome list of the best orchards in New York in Time Out, and I recommend you check it out! Enjoy some hot apple cider and donuts while walking around the orchard.

Once you return to school, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy all the incredible goodies you’ve brought back. There are so many delicious pastries and pies you can make with apples and pumpkins.

At my house, Sundays are for watching football all day while eating amazing finger food. You can have this same experience at a friend’s apartment or dorm here at school. There are tons of easy recipes, such as taco dip, one pot mac and cheese, chips and guacamole, pigs in a blanket and so many others. Pinterest is a great place to get recipes and ideas for all of these.

If you do not feel like making your own delicious dishes, you always have the option of ordering food from Howl! They have amazing wings and delicious burgers. Or if you are feeling very adventurous, you could go and have a sit down meal, enjoy a beer and watch the game on the big screen.

Sundays are not the only days made for football anymore. Joe Moorhead, has brought new life to the football program these past three years. The team’s winning mentality and results have sparked a great new atmosphere for football Saturdays that have not been seen in years past. Jack Coffey field is no longer just a football facility. It is a gathering area for all Fordham students to come together, united by the same rooting interest and desire to cheer on their school and peers. It has become an all-day festivity and is right on campus, an easy and free commute and great experience for all students.

Fall is also the only time during the year when the MLB baseball playoffs take place. This year especially is a unique one: both New York teams are in the playoffs and are located only a train ride away. There is nothing like October post-season baseball where everything is on the line. It provides an entertaining activity with friends in an energetic ballpark atmosphere. It may be costly, but from experience, it is certainly worth it.