University Adopts App for Ordering Food

By Kathryn Roberts


Fordham has adopted a new app in order to make ordering food at the university’s food vendors more efficient.

In the wake of changes to its food service provider, Fordham has launched free mobile ordering for various venues on campus via a free cell phone application called Tapingo.

After downloading Tapingo, customers enter basic information, select Fordham University as their campus and scan their credit or debit card.
Students can then order food on the application from Urban Kitchen, Cosi, A Crust Above and Salt & Sesame. The eateries’ list their full menus, along with pricing information. Available payment options include dining dollars, debit cards and credit cards.

Once customers choose their meal selections from the app, the app provides a wait time until their meals are ready to be picked up.

According to Deming Yaun, Fordham University dining contract liaison, Tapingo has had up to 451 registrations since its launch on campus this fall.
Yaun said Cosi and Urban Kitchen are the most popular eateries used by Tapingo. Recently, many U.S. colleges and universities adopted the app on their respective campuses. These colleges include Syracuse University, The George Washington University and New York University.

The objective of the app is to provide easier ways for college students to get food.
“People waste too much time waiting, worrying and wondering what could have been. We think there’s a better way,” Tapingo’s website reads.

The company is in the process of expanding its boundaries beyond of the universities and colleges it currently manages.

While a majority of the company’s reviews remain positive, some are not sure they would use the application based off of struggles with the processing of orders.

“Imagine you’re starving, but you only have 15 minutes to get a buffalo wrap you’ve been craving all day,” said Daniella Christ, GSB ’18. “You get to Urban Kitchen and they haven’t checked the app to process your order yet.”

Reviews for the application are mixed. According to The Daily Wildcat, Arizona University’s school newspaper, some students view the app unfavorable as many have claimed an increase of Tapingo users at the university has not decreased wait times at all.

However, many Fordham students are already taking an interest in the app. “I think it’s useful and I could see myself using it,” said Isabella Mascio, FCRH ′20.


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