$16,000 Donated to B+ for the First Room Selection Spot

By Victor Ordonez

The Residence Halls Association (RHA) Annual Benefit Auction for the B+ Foundation received a record $22,373, including a $16,000 bid on this year’s first room selection spot. This figure is over ten times larger than last year’s winning price of $1,385 for the room selection spot.

Numerous other items were auctioned off at the event, none of which exceeded $500. However, attendees were evidently shocked when Jack Glen, GSB ’20, countered the bid of $2,500 for the first room selection spot with a bid of $16,000.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said auction attendee Catherine Maccaro, FCRH ’17. “We were all silent at first, and not sure if he was being serious. Eventually we all started clapping.”
The bid was out of respect for the children, according to Glen. Being the first to choose where to live on campus was only an added bonus.

“Being able to help out a great charity organization that helps pediatric cancer patients and get the housing accommodation is a win-win for everybody,” said Glen.

Before the auction, Glen and his friends decided they would pay $16,000 for the room selection spot.

“Last year we found out that the top prize went for [$1,385], I said ‘let’s go ten-fold,’” said Glen.

Glen’s roommates, Gabriel Mashaal, GSB ’20, Charles Corrot, GSB ’20 and Victor Feng, GSB ’20, all equally contributed to the final bid.

“We are all a good group of friends,” said Glen. “We figured why not stay together and help out a cause while we did it.”

Glen and his roommates said they will be looking to occupy Campbell Hall for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Other items auctioned off at the event included an iPad Mini 2, two Under the Tent tickets and two Lady Gaga tickets.

Haley Hauge, GSB’18, vice president of RHA, bid $230 and won the iPad Mini 2, which had a starting bid of $150.

Natalie Ward, FCRH ’19, won the two Under the Tent tickets with a bid of $170. The tickets had a starting bid of $60, and will allow the attendees to skip the event’s admission line.

The Lady Gaga tickets had a starting bid of $200 and were sold to Kayle Wong, GSB ’20, for a total bid of $330.

The auction was one of several fundraising events apart of RHA’s philanthropy month. The RHA’s Fordham Dance Marathon on Feb. 25 will be the final philanthropy month event to take place this year

Claire Polacheck, FCRH ’19, and Morgan Outler, FCRH ’19, orchestrated the auction. The foundation honors the life of Andrew McDonough, who died at the age of 14 in 2007.

“Andrew’s B+ blood type became his family’s and friends’ motto throughout his fight against childhood cancer — to ‘Be Positive’,” according to the B+ Foundation website.


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