Sonic Standouts For Spring Break Listening

By Meredith Nardino

Lewis Del Mar is a new band whose songs provide the perfect upbeat soundtrack to the approaching spring (Courtesy of Flickr).

Spring break is quickly approaching, and with it comes a swell of new music perfect for warm weather. Though I’m partial to a simple acoustic ballad, it’s time to leave the moody melodies behind. Vibrant and up-tempo, these five songs are perfect for long drives on sunny days.

  1. “There’s a Honey” – Pale Waves
    Pale Waves is the newest addition to London’s high profile independent label, Dirty Hit Records. Hearing their shimmering and sickeningly sweet debut single, it’s not hard to tell these newbies are associated with major Dirty Hit players like Japanese House and The 1975. “There’s a Honey” emits warmth and nostalgia, like a VSCO filter come to life. The Manchester band expertly toes the line between a huge pop hit and Cure-inspired energy. “There’s a Honey” is addictive and atmospheric, the perfect way for Pale Waves to make its mark.

  2. “Painting (Masterpiece)” – Lewis del Mar
    If you haven’t heard of Lewis del Mar, you’re missing out. The Queens duo showcases its meticulous sound through percussion-driven melodies and effortless island-inspired style. Though it is still a relatively new band, its curated and unique identity translates so clearly through its music. There are so many different samples and experiences melting together in this song, but it doesn’t sound contrived. “Painting” is an effervescent track made for endless summer nights.

3. “With You Tonight” – Summer Moon
Bassist Nikolai Fraiture is making the most of the Strokes’ seemingly never-ending hiatus. His newest side venture, Summer Moon, recently released its first album, an accomplished and reflective LP with a modern psychedelic flare. “With You Tonight” emulates Angles-era Strokes without being a carbon-copy. This album was completely crowdfunded, which might explain why Summer Moon has a more freeing, exploratory sound. With a melody that incorporates inspirations from funk to classic rock, “With You Tonight” will hold you over until the Strokes come out of hiding.

  1. “She Said” – Sundara Karma
    When its debut album dropped earlier this year, it was clear that Sundara Karma had the makings to become an instant classic. The British four-piece has captivated audiences with its arena-sized melodies and clever choruses. Sundara Karma has an edgy image that battles against its polished sound, but the candid embrace of purposelessness in their lyrics feels utterly genuine. “She Said” is an anthemic single that solidifies the emerging band’s identity among alt-rock greats like Circa Waves and The Vaccines. All rolling drums and high-powered guitar, “She Said” is an infectious ode to hazy memories and reckless youth.

  2. “Green Light” – Lorde
    On her first single in nearly four years, Lorde paints a picture of heartache with an upbeat, electrifying hook. “Green Light” is a departure from the brooding minimalist pop exhibited on Pure Heroine. This song builds until it explodes into an expertly crafted catharsis. Working with Jack Antonoff, the genius behind Bleachers and the majority of Taylor Swift’s recent work, Lorde enters a new era on this fearless single. It’s euphoric and magnetic, the kind of song that makes you want to dance beneath neon city lights.


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