You’re the Bun That I Want: Burger Lodge is Here to Stay at Fordham

Burger Lodge

(Courtesy of Emma Nanamaker)

By Emma Nanamaker

If there is anyone who knows how to feed hungry Fordham students, it is a fellow Fordham student. For the past year, sophomore and Bronx native, Ferso Ismail, has worked tirelessly to create Burger Lodge alongside his father, Freddy — head cook and manager of the new addition to the Fordham neighborhood. From concept to completion, Burger Lodge is the ultimate comfort-food-on-a-college-budget restaurant.

As the creator of the Fordham Foodie blog, I am always on the lookout for a delicious meal I know other students will enjoy, which is also convenient for my packed schedule and my not-so-packed wallet.

Sitting down with Ismail before the grand opening to discuss his inspiration for the restaurant and, most importantly, the menu, I could already tell that Burger Lodge was going to be a staple in the Fordham community.

At E. 189th between Belmont and Cambreleng Ave., only a four minute walk from campus, its late-night hours and affordable prices means there is very little reason not to dine at Burger Lodge all of the time. But wait — there is delivery too. Well, so much for my meal plan.

Location and affordability is great and all, but how is the food? Let us just say I’ll be returning quite often. For the ultimate first-time Burger Lodge experience, Ismail recommended the Am-Mex burger with perfectly seasoned beef, thick slabs of crispy bacon, fresh avocado, gooey pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. No ketchup is needed! The burgers also come with an a-bun-dance of fluffy fries that are seriously salty and addicting. You can truly taste the freshness of all the ingredients, too — nothing is frozen at Burger Lodge, except the milkshakes.

I came to Burger Lodge for a burger of course, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a very eclectic, diverse menu, featuring breakfast foods, vegetarian and vegan options and my guilty pleasure, Tex-Mex. Are you craving something new to excite your tastebuds? Or do you prefer to savor on simple food? Burger Lodge has great options for adventurous foodies and picky eaters alike!

The atmosphere is cozy and distinctly Fordham. You can even glance up at a TV showing a picture of Suits indulging in a burger. The workers are friendly and eager to accommodate you, and there is something truly comforting about eating at a place established by a Fordham peer. Student accomplishments like Burger Lodge are what make me proud to be a Ram. And let us not forget the 10 percent student discount. Now that is what I call a “Ramily.”


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