Check Your Liberal Privilege

By Ryan Quinn

While voicing one’s opinions in class is encouraged, conservative students on our liberal campus may feel suppressed (Courtesy of Flickr).

While voicing one’s opinions in class is encouraged, conservative students on our liberal campus may feel suppressed (Courtesy of Flickr).

The 58th Secretary of State Ed Muskie once said, “Americans like to believe that they are decent, and most of them are, nevertheless they find it easy to persuade themselves that there is too much risk, too much danger, in trusting Americans who are different.”

We continue to see this attitude polarize our nation, especially in light of the recent election. Today’s political climate is a personal one. However, I experience a type of fear that has yet to be adequately addressed.

Imagine living in a world in which nobody agrees with you, a world in which you are embarrassed by your fundamental beliefs. That is the way many liberals have made conservatives feel on college campuses. The most vocal voices are those on the left, and conservatives are not invited into dialogue. Conservatism has become a dirty word, stripping right-leaning college students of their freedom to speak their minds.

Liberation theologian, Gustavo Gutierrez, defines a “poor” person (in regard to the preferential option for the poor) as a “nonperson,” or someone who lacks a voice. According to Liberation theology, I am a nonperson.

Yes, I have a voice. I am blessed with an education. I am by no means invisible. I am a straight, white, cisgender male. I have a platform on which I can project my thoughts and people will listen to me — but only if I say what people want to hear. As a conservative on a college campus in New York City, I have spent the last three and a half years in fear that my views will single me out as a hateful, close minded conspiracy theorist.

But this fear, unlike other fears, is ignored. If a Muslim mother asks her daughter not to wear her hijab in public for fear of discrimination, everyone’s heart breaks. But when my conservative mother asks me not to speak my mind in class for fear of discrimination, nobody knows. Recent physical attacks on Trump supporters legitimize this fear.

Conservatives have been silenced. Pop culture makes a mockery of conservatism. Academia pushes liberalism. We are embarrassed, not by our views, but by how our views will be interpreted. When I say that I am pro-life, people hear “anti-woman.” When I say that I believe in the second amendment, I am a callous enabler of gun violence.

We are attacked and shamed for our views, so we grow silent. Because of our silence we think we are alone. Our silence leads to silence from other conservatives. But we raised our voices through the ballot, and the left is shocked by the number of people who disagree with them. However, so far, the response from the left regarding these digressions has been uninspiring.

For example, a November NPR article entitled, “One Way to Bridge the Political Divide: Read The Book That’s Not for You,” encourages readers to expose themselves to political thought written by people that they disagree with. I was amazed that this was a new concept to people. I assumed that people regularly educated themselves on both sides of an issue. Of course we should engage in thought from across the aisle! It is something I have done — forced and voluntarily — for my entire life. It is astonishing that this is a novel idea for some people.

After the recent election, students in my classes started to toy with this idea of reaching across the aisle. However, a common narrative is that the political divide is based on the level of formal education of voters, so my classmates thought that there were no conservatives sitting right next to them in class. Maybe, just maybe, there was a Libertarian.

I quickly realized that any effort to understand the opposition was not motivated by the intention to learn anything and broaden horizons. It was clear that understanding conservatism was only a means to explain why conservatism is wrong. This is not even conjecture. Students openly admitted that they want to understand conservatives so they can explain why their beliefs are old fashioned.

I realize that my observations of liberals are not representative of the entire left, but rather just the loudest ones. They produce the visible trend. In most cases, perception is not as important as reality, but perception here is what causes conservative fear. If the loudest voices are the ones that are condescending, and those that truly want to understand the right are less vocal, then that is useless. The existence of open-minded liberals is irrelevant. They need to be vocal and seek out conservatives.

Now, I would like to directly address my liberal friends.

To my liberal friends:

First, I would like to say that friendship is not contingent on political views. Enough people, on social media and in the classroom, have expressed concern over whether or not they can be friends with someone who voted for Donald Trump. This is not only a manifestation of the silence imposed on the right, but will perpetuate that fear in the future. The media spent countless hours on coverage of Donald Trump’s infamous tape. That is a good thing. Such speech should be condemned. However, few students in my classes heard about Clinton’s arguably equally abhorrent tape. This was a recording of her laughter allegedly over the acquittal of a man who raped a 12-year-old girl, with heavy implications that she knew he was guilty. This unequal portrayal of the candidates trickles down to their supporters. This tells conservatives that we are unvalued and that our beliefs automatically disqualify us from a place in any given person’s life. Liberal students do not feel this way.

Second, check your privilege. I have checked mine, and I hope you will too. You probably will not know what it is like to look at a professor, who has years more experience and education, and say the words, “I disagree with you.” Worse, you may never know the experience of lying to a professor and saying “I agree with you,” suppressing your views out of fear that your grades will suffer and your character tarnished. If you have had to do this, I highly doubt that you have had to do this in four out of four classes in any given semester.

You are, simply, more comfortable sharing your ideas in class. You have a sense of intellectual freedom. Conservatives are outnumbered here at Fordham. Even if we are not outnumbered, we certainly feel as though we are. You are louder than us because you can be. You can count on the administration, all of academia, all of Hollywood, the media and countless Buzzfeed articles to back you up.

You are encouraged that your views are correct, and that my conservative views are antiquated thoughts fueled by hate. Or, you trust my morals and expect my views to evolve, and that one day I will look back on this period of conservatism as a mere phase.

Finally, I would like to ask a question. Have you ever assumed people agree with your politics? Don’t. It suppresses dissenting voices and inhibits your own growth.

Dennis Prager, conservative radio talk show host, suggested that conservatives in liberal schools are some of the most intellectually open minded people. We have our views, and we are forced to understand yours. Conversely, you have your views, and are constantly reassured as to how correct you are. One cannot adequately grow in an environment like this. Check your liberal privilege out of love and respect. If love and respect is too much to ask, do it for yourself. Realize that you have so much to gain from the ideas of others. Do not just try to understand the dissenting point of view so you can more easily argue against it. Ask questions. Analyze the answers and think, “could I possibly be wrong?”

Ryan Quinn, FCRH ’17, is a history major from Queens, New York.

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  1. theaverageyoungmerican

    I love this article! Young conservative Americans can definitely relate to it. Would I be able to promote it on my blog I am starting, tosettheworldonfire? It is a blog for young people like you described, who are silenced and misunderstood because of their conserative beliefs. I would like to give my readers the opportunity to read this great piece.

  2. Jo Anne Geron

    I am adding a point to my previous comment. One cannot deny that the language of the president-elect has been fraught with racism and misogyny. (Briefly, for example, “pussy-grabbing,” and “Mexicans are rapists and murderers”). You say that you are not racist or anti-woman. I want to believe you. I think that at this point it is incumbent upon conservatives, given this extreme rhetoric, to prove this. Tell us how you are anti-racist and pro-women. I certainly want to believe that we are on the same page here.

  3. Jo Anne Geron

    In your piece you equalize Trump’s “grabbing women by the pussy,” (the president-elect said it, so it’s okay now to use this kind of discourse freely, yes?) to the tape of Clinton “laughing” about freeing a man who raped a 12-year-old girl. The problem is that the Clinton piece is wrong in so many ways. She did not choose to represent this man, he was not freed, and her laughing was not about “freeing” him. Check out They have all of the court documentation, history and quotes.
    You wonder why liberals object to your politics? Your tepid criticism of Trump’s abhorrent language, which should have disqualified him from office, is a quiet stamp of approval when you equalize his proven behavior with propaganda about Clinton’s. She complied with a judge’s order and you compare that with molesting women and bragging about it. Of course I assume that you are misguided and anti-woman.
    And, as others here have said, disagreeing with you is not oppression. You are not oppressed when you are over-represented in every textbook and history lesson. I teach psychology and I have to work hard to find textbooks that include writings of women, LGBT people and people of color.

  4. Lizzy

    Imagine a classroom full of Jack Jones. A room full of nasty little people who disrespect I don’t allow different points of view in. The author is spot on and this proves it

  5. jack jones (@jackjonesbabe)

    When you checked your privilege you forgot to check your entitlement. Let’s set aside for the moment that you have the gall to compare the dislike you experience for being an incurious white dude to the actual danger faced by Muslim women and focus on your juvenile whining. Firstly, as a white, straight college student, you are NOT a minority, despite your twisted views of how you believe you should be treated. Your political views define you as a person, and yes, conservative views are antiquated, bigoted and downright nasty. Have you read the republican party platform? chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/[1]-ben_1468872234.pdf Probably a good place to start.

    Aside from your spurious claims that Trump voters are being attacked, your article reads like the spoiled rantings of a petulant child. Quoting Dennis Prager does not substantiate your argument, it destroys any credibility you might have: “The welfare state . . . It has rendered vast numbers of black males unnecessary to black females who have looked to the state to support them and their children (and the more children, the more state support) rather than to their husbands. In effect, these women took the state as their husband. Whereas in the past, women sought out men for financial support, the welfare state enables women to stay single and get support from the government.” Yes, this is an actual Dennis Prager quote. If the blatant racism is not apparent to you, that says as much about you as it does Mr. Prager. You complain that it is unfair to label conservatives as racist or bigoted and you quote this man?

    Another specious claim is that you make regarding Hillary Clinton and the debunked story that she laughed at a rape victim which the non-partisan politifact rates as completely false This is alt-right propaganda targeted at the simple-minded and lazy and your vomitous regurgitatation of this lie demonstrates you lack both curiousity and the very ability to think critically that you are asking others.

    There is a laughable irony in supporters of an admitted sexual predator who says things like ““You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass,” complaining that he is a victim. You have just defined “white privilege” in a way that no civil rights activist could.

  6. Tom Link

    Recent physical attacks on Trump supporters legitimize this fear. — I think this is the key statement in this piece. This would be an act of individual discrimination with violence. A milder form of discriminatory behavior is “hateful harassment”. The Southern Poverty Law Center has documented 867 cases of hateful harassment in 10 days since the election ( It includes 23 incidents in the anti-Trump category.*
    Actual physical violence and threats of violence are different than feeling uncomfortable voicing one’s opinion.
    Then there is the category of institutional discrimination. I would like to hear of an incident of conservatives being systematically denied their rights by police or police discretion used unfairly against them (e.g. stop and frisk, Bridge’s study of juvenile probation reports, etc.), of incidents of being targetted for discipline in schools – see Fabelo’s study of Texas high school discipline, Human Rights Watch’s report on use of corporal punishment in American schools, Greg Toppo’s studies of preschool teachers). Show me the systematic discrimination in pay that Phillips talks about.**

    Recent physical attacks on Trump supporters legitimize this fear. — If this statement were true, and there were other situations like it, I see your point. We need to look at the evidence for this. One common example of this point is debunked here:

    If we are going to look at feeling comfortable voicing ones opinion, then one must consider that most history and business departments are full of conservatives, and the curriculum in those fields is overrun with conservative philosophy. Econ 101 is still taught with ideas that Reagan’s failed trickle down economics were built on. At the school I teach at, there are many conservatives in the sciences and computer sciences and related disciplines who don’t teach conservative philosophy, but support the notion that racism is over and runt heir classrooms as if we all come in with an equal set of circumstances.. Even in English and Philosophy departments, the supposed bastion of liberalism, you would be reading the works of people like you. One private college in my state had a first year History of Civilizations / History of Ideas year-long freshman seminar that was all white men with the exclusion of one novel by Toni Morrison. Straight cis white men read material by and for themselves for most of the year, and had it taught as the history of ideas. That should make any man like you or I pretty comfortable.

    * SPLC acknowledges “however, the small number of anti-Trump incidents may also reflect the fact that Trump supporters may have been unlikely to report incidents to the SPLC.”
    **Phillip, A. (2011, August 12). Georgetown University Study Shows Higher Education Does Little to Close Inequalities of Race and Gender. – Higher Education. Retrieved July 30, 2014 from: http://diver-

  7. Derek L.

    “But this fear, unlike other fears, is ignored. If a Muslim mother asks her daughter not to wear her hijab in public for fear of discrimination, everyone’s heart breaks. But when my conservative mother asks me not to speak my mind in class for fear of discrimination, nobody knows.”

    This is a joke, right? You are not seriously comparing the trials and tribulations of being Muslim in America with being a straight, white male (which is essentially the golden ticket in America).

  8. Del Shortliffe

    Much of this opinion piece seems reasonable, especially if the writer finds himself up against the kind of unreasoned venom in some of the responses in this comment section. I’m very liberal myself, but I don’t attack anyone simply for being pro-life or even for mis-reading the 2nd Amendment. But there is one major error in the opinion piece: Hillary Clinton did not laugh at the acquittal of a 12-year-old’s rapist–which is probably why the story didn’t get as much mainstream press as Trump’s boasting about sexual assault. Check it out:

  9. Disappointed

    Wow. Reading the comment sections just ggoes to show how true the author’s point is. I do believe that the article could use more evidence so that it doesn’t just rely on personal experience (NYT op-ed piece offers more data: People claim that just because conservatism has become unpopular on campus means that it’s a debased political belief system… yet do the artsy writer kid who’s all for communism gets all the sympathy and understanding in the world. If you want to make the case that oppression has to be system… then I think the fact that conservatives have a much harder time finding jobs in academia shows it’s systemic.

  10. Jean Kim

    Hmm… I think that your article was written with good intentions and several valid opinions; however, I believe that it is ultimately, misguided. Now, to begin, I am a member of an extreme minority group, and I might come off as slightly aggressive or non-understanding, but that is not my intention at all. I am just very passionate about this topic, and I truly want to understand the rationale behind as many people as I can. Seeing how much traction this article has gotten, I want to know just the thought process behind it. I feel like I understand some of it; however, it never hurts to ask. In addition, I do recognize your opinions as completely valid in the fact that your feelings are your own and your experience of discrimination will feel like true discrimination and repression to you (not valid in that your opinions are correct and I agree with them). I also recognize the fact that no one wants to be treated unfairly, and these opinions are coming from a place of good-intent; no one wants to be told that what they believe in needs to be persecuted. On the flip-side, the concept of fairness and silence in this article is what I consider wrong.

    To preface my argument, I am transgender. I identify as agender, which is a subset of transgender that almost no one knows about. I am demi-sexual, a subset of asexuality, which almost no one knows about. I am a lesbian. I am Korean-American. From these context clues, many people might already know me. There’s only one person on campus that identifies this way (in my knowledge) on campus. In the off-chance you’re reading this, HELLO! Shoot me a text, tell me what you think!

    I completely agree that there isn’t enough discourse between liberals and conservatives. That’s correct plain and simple. Many liberal people tend to shout bloody murder and discrimination, when they themselves don’t have a stake in this intense form of discrimination. Those people are problematic in their own way, and that leads into another page long tirade that I am not willing to put people through right now. The problem with this article; however, is the incendiary claims that you make throughout. Here’s one example, “If a Muslim mother asks her daughter not to wear her hijab in public for fear of discrimination, everyone’s heart breaks. But when my conservative mother asks me not to speak my mind in class for fear of discrimination, nobody knows.” The problem with this claim is two-fold. As a journalist, you know that by putting these two claims together, in some sense, you are conveying to the reader that they are equal. This line of thinking is where this article goes wrong.

    First, these claims are not of equal standing. Since I cannot speak on behalf of a Muslim person, I will translate it into something along the lines of not being able to wear feminine clothing for fear of discrimination. While this analog might not be perfect, I am not willing to speak from the perspective of an identity that I do not belong to. Okay, to begin, not being able to speak up in class and not being able to present as my gender are not equivalent. While they both can be viewed as persecution, they are not. One is rooted in privilege and the other is rooted in systematic discrimination. The “not able to speak in class” comes from a root of privilege. As a white, cis-het male, you are use to having the ability to speak your mind, when and wherever. However, colleges have become a place where liberal minded people and conservatives cannot coexist. This is a shame, and I understand that it is. I believe that this was the message that you tried to convey; however, you did it by equating this form of privilege to the discrimination faced by minority groups. The silence that you feel as a white cis-het male, comes from the fact that you are at a very liberal institution in a very liberal state, but it isn’t systematic oppression. It is feels like a silence that feels real and threatening, but in reality that silence is just the lack of your normal privilege. On the other hand, without using personal experience, we can see that there is a massive amount of systematic oppression against transgender people. The national attempted suicide rate is at 4.6, but for trans people (Source: NTDS), the average is 41%. While this may seem like I am just deferring to facts, I simply do not have the time, the patience, or the energy to explain why this form of discrimination is truly systematic over an internet conversation. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask, but otherwise I can’t think of every possibility that needs to be addressed.

    Second, the statement of ‘everybody’s heart breaks’ is just untrue. While these stories occasionally bubble up and hit critical mass on social media, do not mistake this for privilege and a voice. The reality is that millions of people are being systematically oppressed and their unique stories are not being portrayed on media. Some people make it to the top of media because their story of discrimination is just so un-believable and apparent that it can sell well. However, most discrimination doesn’t get acknowledged and cannot be experienced by others. I am not bringing this up to say that the media is at fault, but what I am saying is that “everybody’s heart breaks” is simply problematic because people in a state of privilege don’t actually understand what minorities go through. That comment belittles the anguish that minorities actually go through, and thus you are able to equate it so effectively. It’s inadvertently (from my perspective at least) a “stop crying we all have problems” attack on minorities. It’s this mindset of “see? I face the same discrimination as you, why don’t I get on the top of social media outlets.” While this may not have been your intention by any means, from the perspective of one who is wary of others due to severe discrimination, your article can present itself in that manner.

    These two points are all that I will write for now; however, I hope that I was reasonable and fair.

  11. Steven Orage

    This is ridiculous, that’s how politics works, I don’t see anyone advocating for feudalism because it’s a shit political view. If you can’t handle the heat of the political critiques then maybe you need to question why your so committed to such an indefensible political view. But don’t you dare compare you’re whiny ass having to face up to how shitty your politics are to people actually facing oppression. There’s a difference, most conservatives can go cry to daddy and take comfort in their trust fun.

  12. Message gets lost in this one

    Check the Conservatism and Campus discourse article that was posted today, listed in the top stories. Much better at discussing the point than this garbage

  13. Anonymous

    As others have pointed out, not feeling comfortable speaking your opinion and being discriminated against are very different things. I’m a liberal in a conservative family. I can’t be myself around them. I’ve tried speaking about political beliefs (simply saying who I was voting for while others were talking about it), and been verbally attacked. I don’t cry “discrimination” because of that. My biggest issue is if I ever need to come out as pansexual to certain people in my family, I don’t think the reaction will be good.

    I think the reason many liberal people attempt to shut down conservatives is because their policies hurt real people. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t well-meaning conservatives out there. There is so much hatred and misunderstanding on both sides. Many people get their political ideologies, and then won’t change them for anything. That includes people everywhere on the political spectrum. Liberals don’t help their case when they completely shut down others, but I understand why it occurs.

    In addition, as an atheist at Catholic institutions (and with a Catholic family), I’ve been made to feel uncomfortable. I’ve had teachers and professors and my family disagree with my lack of religious beliefs. But I recognize that I’ve chosen to go to a Catholic college, and I don’t cry “discrimination” when I don’t feel comfortable speaking up around these people.

    Honestly, my biggest problems with conservatives are the impact of their policies. I wish they could just be like: “I don’t like gay marriage, so I won’t get a same sex marriage. However, I will leave others alone to live as they wish.” “Or I’m pro-life so I won’t get an abortion, but I won’t take that right away from others”. My problem is forcing your beliefs onto other people, not necessarily that you have the beliefs in the first place.

  14. whatamireading

    Leave it to The Ram to provide a platform for a delusional, sheltered weirdo to spout conspiracy theories and general bullshit then call it journalistic responsibility.

    1. Get Real People

      Waah, someone disagrees with me. Ad hominem attack. Name calling It wrong to show other peoples views, thats not journalistic responsibility. Lose the diapers and come back with something to say you petulant child.

      1. whatamireading

        ^^^^Check out this Honky Tonk Blowjob^^^^^^

        But forreal, giving space to total nonsense and conspiracy theories has a horrible effect on the public discourse, as demonstrated in the past election. Ryan took a fucking novella to say “I’m upset that holding hateful, closeminded and paranoid views may out me as a hateful, closeminded and paranoid person.” Why is this contribution valuable?

      2. Get Real People

        Your response to someone calling you out for using irrelevant Ad hominem attacks, is to use more irrelevant Ad hominem attacks? Thanks for proving my point. Good luck outside of your echo chamber where any opinon that differs from yours is “hateful”. Again, wait until you graduate to your big boy pants before trying to engage in any sort of “discourse” you petulant child.

    2. Mark

      Disagreeing with his points is one thing but you do realize this is in the Opinion section right? Getting upset at The Ram for publishing a student’s opinion piece under the opinion section is insane and makes me think you’re describing yourself when you use words like “delusional” and “weirdo”.

      1. whatamireading

        Right, but The Ram doesn’t have the responsibility to publish every braindead abortion that finds its way in their inbox. In fact, part of being a publication is deciding what pieces are thoughtful and valuable, and what pieces make me want to beat my head on my damn desk.

      2. Get Real People

        Please come back when you realize that you do not hold the only valid point of view in this world. You have some serious growing up to do.

      3. NotALiberal

        If his “opinions” do work to silence people with ACTUAL problems and simply chalk all disagreements he receives to “liberal bullying” he deserves to hear criticism like this.

      4. Get Real People

        Please read the article before commenting. It generally help in forming a coherent criticism of the work. Both of the points you tried to make are totally incorrect.

      5. Get Real People

        Your strategy of invalidating everyone you disagree with is what got Trump elected. Thanks for that.

      6. Mark

        Referring to the article or any article you don’t like as a “brain dead abortion” is just a shame. I won’t validate you by giving you any more response than that.

  15. Lizzy

    The author has shown tremendous courage (I won’t stoop to your vulgarities) and fortitude in writing this piece knowing how hostile liberals can behave. The author does not pretend to be a crusader ; he just addresses a situation that affects many of us . Sushi you are just another petty ,crude coward .

    1. aktuffish

      “Shush you are just another petty, crude coward”
      Isn’t this the exact kind of behavior the author is trying to call out? And while your comment does not reach the level of vulgarity of some of the others, your last statement is far from respectful discourse that the author is trying to promote.

  16. Get Real People

    This whole comments section is tripe. Salty leftists who can’t hear any opinion other than their own without crying about bigotry. Right wingers pretending to be oppressed. Rampant, unfounded assumptions and False Equivalencies abound. Cry more everybody.

  17. sushi4thepeople

    Author needs testicular fortitude.

    Grow some balls. You aren’t marching in Selma. You aren’t getting dragged behind a truck. You aren’t getting harassed on the way to Planned Parenthood.

    You’ll be on a permanent white wealthy family “subsidy” for probably most of your life.

    Taking the teat of white wealth & privilege out of your mouth and grow some actual balls.

    If you’re a wimp and can’t defend your own beliefs, whining and attempting to call “reverse discrimination” will never change the size of those two pale raisins between your legs, or the gelatin where a backbone should be.

    1. pcprincipal1

      Are you assuming that all white people are rich and born into deathly families?

      You better watch your micro aggressions, bro

  18. Lizzy

    Kudos to the author! You have written and articulate, intelligent article on the very obvious liberal slant in academia today. And the anonymous cowards keep crawling out of the woodwork to spout their venom.

    1. CommonSensePls

      Well if your views discredit the needs of the poor, typically favor one race in particular, and regularly pass bills that hammer women and LGBT rights they may warrant some disagreement. Ever stop and think why most non-white people don’t vote Republican? Hint: Your views usually work against us

  19. Richard

    Have you, as a conservative, ever stopped to wonder WHY no one wants to listen to you, or ignores you, or you find yourself alone? Could it be that most people want healthcare for women? They want equal pay and opportunities for women and minorities? They want decent healthcare, housing, and food for EVERYONE and not just the privileged? Could it be they consider LGBTQ’s as actual people who deserve freedom to live their lives as equals? Could it be they show more empathy and compassion than you do for the hardships and suffering of those less fortunate? You can whine all you want to about being “uncomfortable” being a conservative….but I think that feeling is your conscience feeling guilty. Most people want other people to live a decent life, but time and again conservatives try to take that away from people, usually for their own selfish gains. Case in point, Paul Ryan wants to destroy Medicare, a program that keeps millions of people in healthcare, so that people (who can’t afford to purchase insurance in the first place) will be forced to purchase healthcare or have none so that a profit can be made from peoples suffering. Or how about destroying the EPA that keeps out water clean and our air breathable? Conservatives couldn’t care less about pollution and think the EPA just keeps their profits down.
    When I hear conservative, I can’t help but see someone who is selfish, uncaring, and hating anything different because that is how they end up acting every time. So whine somewhere else because people would rather be nice to each other instead of hating.

    1. pcprincipal1

      Are YOU assuming that all conservatives hate LGTBQ people and don’t what women to have equal pay?



      1. TrollHarder

        “Just as much good”

        Tell that to all the dead from the AIDS crisis ignored by Ronald Reagan, your party’s golden boy.

        Tell that to those harmed by the economic failure of this country under bush

        Tell that to the LGBTQ people who’s rights are threatened you exclusively conservative platforms

        Tell that to black Americans who are told to shut up and be thankful by people like Toni Lahren just for sharing their views

  20. Marie

    If you fear about expressing your voice because people might disagree with you, then you need to work on your confidence and your arguments. Disagreement isn’t discrimination.

    1. bestofflange

      It’s not about having disagreements. It is common for those on the left to attempt to silence those with differing opinions. Go outside of your confirmation-bias echo chambers of liberal universities and social media safe spaces and see what’s going on in the real world.

  21. musettee

    RE: conservative men and abortion. LOL I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in listening to some straight white male pontificate on women’s private health care and family planning choices. It’s not like I will suddenly come to a new realization from listening to some assclown spew an opinion on a subject that he knows nothing about. I’m not interested in hearing straight white males discuss how there is no pay gap, or how empowering porn is for women, or how wardrobe causes rape. Seriously, I prefer it when the straight, white conservative males simply STFU and spare me their patriarchal dumbfuckery.

    1. why is it always THAT republican who writes the article

      Most of those issues weren’t actually address in this article but glad to hear you think men aren’t aloud to have opinions. On your note about abortion however I really felt the need to interject. (And, since you only seem to care about someone’s opinion if they’re able to prove their oppressed status to you, I’m a women myself.)

      I’m pro-life because I believe life begins at conception. That means that any termination of pregnancy after conception is the killing of a living being. If you don’t believe life begins until some later point, i.e. brain activity, viability, etc., that’s fine and I respect that. We really don’t have one scientific definition of the beginning of life. So I can totally understand why you would be fine with abortion; you see it as nothing more than getting a tumor removed. The problem is we have a fundamental disagreement about when life begins that influences our views. I would never condone murder which is why I will never vote in support of abortion but since you don’t see abortion as murder I understand why you would vote differently.

      And that’s my key point here: rather than shout someone down or tell them to “simply STFU” maybe try considering the other side’s opinion. I can tell you I don’t have an issue with women making their own health care choices (Repunblicans want less government involvement in our personal lives anyway) but I do have a issue with women killing children and so, I would presume, does the author.

    2. Jessica Rodriguez

      1. Your comments on abortion demonstrate total ignorance about apposing viewpoints and the reasoning behind them.

      2. You demonstrate overt bigotry by your pejorative use of “white male” and your willingness to discount other people’s views based purely on their race and gender.

      3. Not only are you adopting the qualities you supposedly hate the most, you are enabling the intolerance that does exist on the right by creating an equally detestable force on the left. If the left is overtaken by this type of bigotry then where will liberal minded people turn? Quite possibly to the growing libertarian and alt-right factions of the Republican party. Some of the illiberal may even turn to white nationalism.

  22. Eddie

    Correction on previous post. And please read this one instead
    I have read this article and then the comments and then went back to read the article a few more times. What I take away is a young students view of how he is perceived in the classroom setting. His comparison of a Muslim mothers concern for her daughter with a concern of the mother of the white son are totally legit – I saw the video of the white man beaten to a pulp by a mob because they believed him to be a Trump supporter.If the author of this article was a Muslim girl revealing her thoughts and experiences or lesbian or a person of color would you be so quick to refute. I doubt it.Theauthor is a white male conservative by admission an unprotected class so the attacks came readily, without hesitation. I would echo the astute comments and Manny that these negative remarks just validate the authors point but instead I will echo the author and suggest you”Ask questions. Analyze the answers and thank could I possibly be wrong?”

    1. BT

      The “man beaten to a pulp by a mob because they believed him to be a Trump supporter” was not beaten to a pulp, and was not beaten because he was a Trump supporter. The fight was over a traffic accident. The Trump taunts were completely secondary. The victim himself said the attackers had no way of knowing whether he was a Trump supporter or not. It doesn’t excuse the violence, but it’s a terrible example of conservative victim-hood.

  23. Eddie

    I have read this article and then the comments and then went back to read the article a few more times. What I take away is a young student view of how he is perceived in the classroom setting. His comparison of a Muslim mothers concern for her daughter with the concern of a mother of a white son are totally legit- I saw the video of the whitemail beaten to a pulp I am all because they believed him to be a Trump supporter. If the author of this article was a Muslim girl we’re feeling her thoughts and experiences or lesbian or a person of color would you be so quick to refute? I doubt it. The author is a white male, conservative by admission, and on protected class so the attacks came readily, without hesitation. I would echo this stupid comments of many that these negative remarks just validate the authors point, but instead I will echo the author and suggest you “Ask questions. Analyze the answers and thank can I possibly be wrong? “

  24. FacismSucks

    He complains about potentially, unfairly, being labeled a conspiracy theorist and then drops a conspiracy theory in this article. Schedule an interview with the Onion this is solid satire.

  25. Mt

    I’m a Fordham Alum, I got a B in Philosophy because I did not agree with a Jesuit professor. So many Conservative speakers have been disinvited or shouted down at Fordham. The Fordham Faculty is overwhelmingly Liberal.

    There is no diversity of opinion at Fordham.

  26. Response to DontQuitYourDayJob

    So insensitive and clearly coming from someone who does not understand what it is like to be a minority in terms of political views. He is not saying that any of those kinds of discrimination are less valid. He is saying that this is yet another kind of discrimination that is incredibly prevalent on campus and needs to be stopped. Comments like yours are the reason why conservatives here feel this way

    1. DontQuitYourDayJob

      He directly compares the two as if they should be on the same level and then sprinkles on a conspiracy that was proven false about Clinton. No is being told they can’t speak in class, discourse or not. If conservatives can’t handle having an open dialogue in class maybe they should stop labeling liberals as the ones who need “safe spaces”

      1. liberalscansuckmyass

        Pretty sure he makes crystal clear he means as a student on this campus. Also, do you watch the news? Clinton won the popular vote. So formally within the government yes, but conversationally with his peers, no.

  27. Anonymous

    Great article that sums up how my Republican friends and I are feeling on Fordham’s campus. Liberal classmates are always claiming to push for freedom of speech and wanting to look at all sides of the situation, UNLESS you are the side opposite theirs. You are free to say whatever you like, unless it is not a liberal point of view. The very discrimination against Republicans that you are talking about has been exemplified the past two days since this article was posted. Students are intolerant of this article and of you, and are talking about you poorly simply because you disagree with them. If a liberal wrote an article about the election, and then a conservative disagreed with him, nobody would attack the article writer but would attack the commenter. So disappointed in the liberals on campus who are intolerant and close-minded of any view besides their own. You come to college to broaden your horizons, not to close yourself off from diversity of opinion

  28. Sam Koll

    My friend,
    At first I felt extremely disappointed in you (specifically for how you compared yourself to a Muslim woman wearing a hijab) but after reading most comments here and took a full 24 hours to think about it, here is what I have to say. America is very broken right now and I think the most important thing to do is to sit down with those who are different from you and try to figure out exactly why they feel and believe the things they do. On both sides we need to quiet down and really listen. I’m not saying to not keep fighting for what you believe in but on a personal level go and sit down in person with your opponent or the type of person you feel is oppressing you. Stop with the yelling articles and social media posts that only really get positive attention from the people who are on your side and more anger from the people who are not. That is a call to both sides, and to myself as well. There is a more human and effective way to get people to listen to you.
    I’m sorry you feel silenced, but that is on you in this situation. College is the only place where you are openly encouraged to yell your beliefs as loud as you can so go and DO that. Don’t be afraid. Have courage. I know people who have even more extreme views than you who go out and do that everyday. As long as you do not disrespect anyone else’s existence I promise you that you will not lose friends. As a person who has views opposite of you, I am still your friend and I encourage you to reach out to me and explain why you feel the way you do as long as you let me do the same.

  29. Ron McDay

    Strap in liberals as long as they continue to say we’re a basket of deplorables (like in this comment section) we’re gonna continue winning elections !! MAGA !!!

  30. Bobby Buschá

    Ryan I could not agree more. Conservatives are sidelined in Fordham classrooms because of the fear that they will be ostracized for their beliefs. What’s even scarier is the inability of the left to attempt to understand the concepts of modern conservatism. They simply push everything off as bigoted and antiquated.

    As former Mayor Bloomberg said, both parties get things wrong. Democrats on the economy and foreign policy; republicans on social liberties and the environment. What our generation needs to do is find a middle ground that incorporates the better points of both arguments to create a system that works better for everyone. Our first step should be listening to other viewpoints instead of having our “safe spaces” infringed upon.

  31. DontQuitYourDayJob

    Hey remember those bias incidents that have been happening regularly on campus? I don’t remember the news saying those were against white conservatives? Oh yeah, they were against minorities because they face actual discrimination. This comes across as someone crying about a broken nail while sitting next to someone dying of starvation.


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