RHA Organizes Under the Tent and Philanthropy Month


By Kenneth Iselhart III541572_1606119662985899_3085222273724775265_n.jpg

Trudging to FMH through sheets of snow, it’s hard to imagine a time when the big spring thaw arrives and the campus reawakens with green grass and festivities. The Residence Halls Association has its sights set on the future, however, as it sends out new surveys for the annual Under the Tent dance and makes preparations for Philanthropy month this February.

Upon returning to Fordham, students found an email in their inboxes from the RHA, asking them to fill out a survey about Under the Tent, which takes place annually late in the spring semester. Timothy Bouffard, FCRH ’16, executive president of RHA, explained that one of his main initiatives when taking office was to implement an online survey for the dance. The survey gauged students’ opinions on Under the Tent, asking questions about the dress code of the dance as well inquiring about potential themes. Students also had an opportunity to explain why they might not have attended the dance in the past. After completing the survey, students were entered into a giveaway for two free tickets to Under the Tent.

Ticket sales for the dance also might see a change in the coming years. Every year, students form a massive line stretching around the McGinley Student Center to try to get tickets for the popular event.
Bouffard noted that although this has become somewhat of an event in itself, “we understand that it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone and… it can be a bit of a commitment.” As a solution, he said, “Online ticket sales could be something in the future.”

Because the process of setting up an online survey for ticket sales could take as long as a year, it is likely that students will still be lining up for the 2016 dance.
However, Emma Bausert, FCRH ’17 and executive vice president mentioned that “at the very least, we will be brainstorming ways to keep the line members occupied during their wait!”

In the meantime, RHA is busy planning for the upcoming Philanthropy Month, which will take place in February. All the proceeds for this philanthropy series will go towards the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. Named after Andrew McDonough, who lost his fight with leukemia at the age of 14, this foundation raises money for cancer research, as well as financially supports families of children with cancer. This year, the money Fordham raises will go toward its “heroes” Lexington and Dominick, from New York City, both of whom have pediatric cancer.

Bouffard felt that raising money for the two families would help to put the fundraising into perspective. “I think it helps students understand there are actual people that we’re helping… our money will go directly to Lexington and Dominick… who desperately need it and that’s a really special thing.”

In the past, Fordham’s Philanthropy Month has raised over $40,000. The goal this year is set at $50,000, which Timothy Bouffard claimed RHA was well on its way to reaching.

“The Series” starts off with a Philanthropy Fair on Feb. 2, where student-run organizations can present their own philanthropic projects to the Fordham public. On February 9th there will be a $10 craft beer tasting in Dagger John’s, open to all students over the age of 21. On Feb. 16 the RHA is hosting a live auction and a raffle in the McGinley Ballroom. Some of the featured prizes include the first housing lottery time slot and rare Fordham accessories from Reverend Joseph M. McShane S.J., President of the university, himself. To culminate “The Series,” RHA will host the third annual Fordham Dance Marathon, where DJs and student performers will provide 12 hours of music to students who pay a fee of $10 to contribute to the fundraiser.

RHA members Jacqueline Scacco, FCRH ’18, and Nina Saccomano, GSB ’18, were spreading flyers about the event in a resident hall. When asked about the upcoming events, they replied that the auction was their favorite of the series. “I like the auction because it’s a fun way to get together with people and bid on different things,” said Scacco. Saccomano mentioned that, “the prizes are really awesome,” recalling how last year two students teamed up and won a helicopter ride over the city.

RHA will be posting information about upcoming events on its Facebook page, Fordham Rose Hill Residence Halls Association.