Fordham University Wins TinderU #SwipeOff Promotion

By Eliot Schiaparelli

Today, April 10, at 12 p.m., the popular dating app Tinder announced on its official Instagram that Fordham University has won its #SwipeOff promotion. Students will have the opportunity to attend a free concert with rapper Juice WRLD and singer Charli XCX on Wednesday, April 24. An official location has yet to be disclosed.

“First come, first served and subject to official rules,” the post read. “Valid Fordham University student ID and Tinder U enrollment required.”

Fordham students have been in a swiping frenzy for the chance to attend the concert. After the popular dating app Tinder announced that Fordham was in the top 100 schools, students started signing up for Tinder U in hopes of getting a free concert.

Rumors ran rampant that the score only counted the number of times other people swiped right on a student’s profile. Still, others said it counted for double “Right Swipes” when a Fordham student swiped right on another Fordham student. Other vague details of the contest include exactly what a “Swipe Right” score is.

Under the Official Rule Book, Tinder acknowledges the possibility that information regarding the promotion might get miscommunicated.

“The Released Parties are not responsible for … incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by Participants, any internet or email service provider, any promotional or advertising agency, computing errors, or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Promotion,” the rules read.

The Fordham Ram reached out to Tinder for clarification. Lauren Probyn, senior marketing director at Tinder said, “The contest is based on the Swipe Right score from Fordham students.”

Despite the vague rules, many Fordham students maxed out their swipes.

“I’ve been maxing out my swipes on Fordham people so we get double points,” said Sarah Kowaleski, FCRH ’21. “I also set it to both men and women so I can swipe on more Fordham people. At first, I put Juice Wrld and Charli XCX in my bio but people kept messaging me like ‘oh do you like their music?’ so now it says ‘only doing this for juice wrld.’”

The University of Massachusetts Amherst won the swipe contest last year. It won a concert from Cardi B that was held on its campus.

“I know my friend at UMass had problems last year. Like it was a frenzy trying to get tickets,” Olivia Valkenburg, FCRH ’21, said. “People missed class for it.”

Valkenburg still swiped when the contest came to Fordham.

“I think it’s great publicity for Tinder,” she said. “Every Fordham student is on it now and that’s impressive. It’s one of the best marketing schemes I’ve ever seen.”

“Like any other concert that takes place near Fordham’s campus, we will work with the appropriate organizers on securing the best spot where the most students can enjoy Juice WRLD and Charli XCX,” said Probyn.

Even students in relationships participated in the contest. Chris Lipuma, FCRH ’21, said even though he does not need the dating app, he participated.

“I’m in a committed healthy relationship but Juice Wrld is important enough that we both redownloaded Tinder just to get the concert,” he said.

Probyn said Tinder already has seen an uptick in swipes at Fordham. The difference was also obvious to Mike Mesce, GSB ’21.

“It’s weird to see so many kids actually participate as a community towards something at this school,” said Mesce. “There’s never a strong sense of community cause our sports suck but it’s cool to see so many people swipe for this cause. Also, it’s funny to see an app made for hookups transform into something like more friendly and less sexual.”

Some students have pointed out that Fordham might have a bigger stake in the competition due to the recent controversy over the school’s Spring Weekend concert.

Probyn said that the idea for the concert came about because college students are a core part of Tinder’s demographic.

“We know through our ongoing Tinder U program that a major passion point for college students is focused on music,” she said. “While ideating concepts that intersected their interests, we knew music was going to be front and center. The timing aligned perfectly for us to develop a bracket-style contest that would lean into existing rivalries and school spirit; thus, Swipe Off was created.”

As of April 9, Probyn said Tinder officials have yet to reach out to university administrators.

“Our team will work closely with the appropriate organizers to produce an amazing concert experience for the winning school,” she said.

Christopher Rodgers, dean of students, did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication. We will continue to update this story as new information comes to light.