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Diverse literature in school curriculums must go beyond narratives of oppression (Courtesy of Twitter).

A Necessary Exercise in Empathy

June 27, 2020

It is imperative that schools see this moment as an opportunity to make meaningful changes to their curriculums, especially with regards to literature.

Protests in response to the death of George Floyd have taken place across the United States (Courtesy of Flickr).

Police Brutality Protests Highlight Racial Disparities in Challenging Injustice

June 5, 2020

Denied a majority, nonviolent protest can never fully succeed unless the majority — the beneficiary of whatever injustice is occurring — agrees to voluntarily give up their benefits to alleviate the suffering of the minority.

We Must Not Ignore the Toll of COVID-19 on the Bronx

Kelly Christ, Editorial Director

May 29, 2020

While most of us may be away from the Bronx, we cannot ignore the devastating situation facing the borough that we call home during the school year. 

New Yorkers have demonstrated resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic (Courtesy of Flickr).

New Yorkers Respond with Grace and Poise Amid Crisis

May 4, 2020

In this heinous moment in history, New Yorkers of all ages have managed to confront each day being their best selves: kind, selfless and tough.

Senator Sanders (D-VT) suspended his campaign for the 2020 presidential election. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Sanders Campaign Divided Democratic Party

April 22, 2020

The truth is, in the colorful world of politics, Bernie's spectrum is black and white.

President Trump's administration has sparked intense debates about political correctness. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Trump Supporters Do Not Value Political Correctness

April 22, 2020

I do not believe President Trump's lack of political correctness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, will weaken his campaign for reelection.

Protecting Mental Health During a Public Health Crisis

Protecting Mental Health During a Public Health Crisis

April 1, 2020

Hopefully, the spotlight on mental health right now will demonstrate the need for increased availability of resources in the long term.

Rash Reporting of Bryant Tragedy Shows Flaws in Modern Journalism

Rash Reporting of Bryant Tragedy Shows Flaws in Modern Journalism

January 29, 2020

As much as we are all grieving the tragedy of the situation, there are many who are affected in such a way that we cannot imagine their devastation. To think of any of these surviving family members reading a headline that wrongly identified victims should make any journalist think twice about rashly publishing unconfirmed stories. 

Impeachment Conflict Endangers Democracy

Impeachment Conflict Endangers Democracy

January 22, 2020

While the United Kingdom undergoes a shocking turn of events with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the royal family, America is currently dangling precariously over the abyss because of it...

The most recent Democratic Primary debate highlighted the conflict between U.S. Senators Warren and Sanders. (Courtesy of Flicker)

Debate Debacle Erodes Trust in Media

January 22, 2020

The conflict between Sanders and Warren during the most recent Democratic debate highlights a bigger issue concerning the reliability and sincerity of the candidates.

The Crown Loses its Brightest Jewels

The Crown Loses its Brightest Jewels

January 22, 2020

Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to leave the royal family should not be seen as a surprise, considering the family's past mistakes.

Signs attempt to discourage people from smoking or vaping. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Congress’ Measures to Combat Nicotine Use: Another Prohibition?

January 22, 2020

In the face of all the sicknesses arising from teenage nicotine use, Congress must better enforce laws enacted to keep nicotine as far away from the youth (and everyone) as possible.

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