The Ramantic: Technology and Romance


As the popularity of apps continues to rise, so too increases the competition for a spot in our phones. (Photo by Christina Ferneini/The Ram)

In the last year we’ve seen technological advancements like the release of the iPhone 6 and the rise in popularity and function of drones. The dating world evolves in tandem with technology like Google Glass and innovations like Tinder, for example. Obviously today you can no longer call someone’s house phone and talk to him or her for a half-hour a day and say you are dating. In today’s world you need to become Facebook official with a person and communicate regularly — but not too regularly — in order to be doing it right. The following list contains some key pointers for knowing how to use technology to your romantic advantage.
1. Use, but do not abuse, texting.
Texting is a great and easy way to let someone know you are interested. A simple “Hey, how was your day?” or a “How was your vacation?” when you return from break can be great conversation-starters and show that you care. Things really change once a relationship has begun. Texting a person daily is something that is very normal in a relationship. A good morning text can mean more than asking someone out on a date. On the opposite end of the spectrum, texting too much can ruin a relationship. Not only can incessant texts become annoying, they can also take the place of face to face interaction. Texting may be just fine, but it should never replace actually spending time together. So what do you do if your significant other fights with you when you text too much but gets mad at you when you do not text back? A simple text that explains that you are too busy and will text him or her later or that you are overwhelmed could save a relationship. And if all else fails, a good old-fashioned conversation could save the day.
2. The Internet is a magnificent resource for planning dates.
With useful websites such as BuzzFeed, Mashable, Thrillist, Urbanspoon, Trip Advisor, and Yelp (to name a few), finding a restaurant with great reviews and planning a date that is foolproof as possible is easier than ever. Beyond finding a great restaurant, you can also use the Internet to create ideas for dates that involve more than just eating. Hopefully, ideas that include but are not limited to the classics can keep the fifteenth date just as exciting as the first.
3. Technology can be used to snag a date in the first place.
I will not argue that Internet dating is a taboo subject. However, the Internet and technology have never had such a large role in everyday life. Our smartphones-in-hand generation should use the resources available to us to get what we want. Asking for a number when meeting someone can foster the idea of a date. At the same time, popular dating apps can be fun even if you don’t take them seriously. Give dating apps a chance if meeting people in person is not working out for you. If you are not looking for just a hook-up, make it clear on the app and see what happens.
4. Becoming Facebook Official does not have to be an issue.
Many people are friends with relatives and exes on Facebook. At the same time, many relationships today exist peacefully in non-official limbo. To avoid any complications or awkward moments related to becoming Facebook official, take your relationship status down from your Facebook now, even if you are nowhere near being in a relationship. It is that simple.