Friday, March 5, 2021

Ask Emma: A Semester Abroad, A Semester Alone



Dear Deaded,

It sounds to me like you were putting in a ton of effort, and it wasn’t reciprocated.  If you can put in effort while you’re studying in a different country, he can put in the effort if he’s in the Bronx.  I think you did the right thing by deciding that you should stop talking while you’re abroad so you can enjoy yourself.  If you were to keep trying to talk to him this semester and then decide after that you did not want to talk anymore, you would feel like you wasted your time abroad. As for why he didn’t answer, I’m not sure.  He’s either an asshole and won’t talk to you until you get home, or he will text you in a few weeks and disregard what you said.  Regardless, I think he is a complete jerk for not answering and you should do your best not to think about it anymore.  Enjoy your time abroad, and he will be in the Bronx when you return.  Hopefully (probably) you will be over it by then.  Study abroad is an incredible experience that should not be ruined by a stupid boy.  You should be proud of yourself for taking control of the situation and not letting him ruin your time abroad.



Dear Emma,

My boyfriend and I just started dating and he’s on a sports team.  He wants me to come to his games, but I’m really nervous to meet his parents.  Do I introduce myself, or do I wait for him to introduce me?

Meeting the Parents


Dear Meeting the Parents,

These kind of things are easy! You are overthinking this. You should go early with a group of your girlfriends, and then if you feel comfortable enough to introduce yourself, bring a friend with you!  If you feel like his parents don’t recognize you, you can wait for him to introduce you.  However, I think you would score some major brownie points by introducing yourself.


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