Do Knot Count Pretzel Boys Out

By Bailey Hosfelt

Battle of the Bands runner-up Pretzel Boys will open the concert at Rodrigue’s. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Pretzel Boys is an eclectic band comprised of guitarist Ford Murphy, GSB ’20, guitarist and programmed drummer Fritz Ortman, FCRH ’20, bassist Liam Paris, FCRH ’17 and synthist Tim Mountain, FCRH ’19. The four-some clinched second place at this year’s Battle of the Bands. Pretzel Boys will open for Japanese Breakfast and Yucky Duster at Rodrigue’s Coffee House’s Spring Week concert.

The Fordham Ram: How did Pretzel Boys form?

Ford Murphy: We were all in Crust Above, waiting in line to get pepperoni pretzels.

Liam Paris: Except Timmy! He was getting a cinnamon pretzel.

Tim Mountain: Yeah, I was getting a cinnamon one.

Fritz Ortman: Tim! Those things will kill ya.

FM: Anyways, we all knew each other from FET and performing, and Tim had always wanted to start a band. Battle was coming up so we figured why not.

TFR: Every band name has a story behind it. How did you decide on Pretzel Boys?

TM: Well, as you can see by the origin story above, we all just love Pretzels so dang much, it was the obvious choice!

TFR: For those who have not heard your music, how would you describe the sound of Pretzel Boys?

LP: Reggie Watts combined with Fetty Wap with subtle tones of “Doo Wop (that thing)” by Lauryn Hill.

FO: Quit joking ya Youngin!

LP: Aw shucks.

TM: Content-wise we’re kinda like They Might Be Giants, but soundwise more like Postal Serivice.

TFR: What was the Battle of the Bands experience like?

Pretzel Boys: Fast paced, and intimidating— we were the only band that had just recently formed and were clearly the “dark horse” of the event. With all of us coming from comedic backgrounds people thought this was gonna be a joke band. So we really wanted to show people that we cared about the music.

TFR: Was there any one moment from Battle of Bands that was especially memorable?

TM: Honestly, the whole thing was a blur for me, I’ll have to step out of this one.

FO: I really liked getting to see all my friends there, I’ve played shows before but this was one of the warmest atmospheres I’ve [seen] at a show.

LP: Yeah, I’ve done a lot of comedy shows on campus, but there’s always a need to find validation, and get the laughs. With this performance I was just going up there to perform what I had, and I enjoyed it. Getting second place was just icing on the pretzel.

FO: Gross.

TFR: What does getting to open for the Rod’s Spring Weekend show mean for you as a band?

FO: It means that we’re validated as a band now.

FM: Yeah, no one can call us a joke band any more.

TFR: What is your favorite song to perform?

FO&LP: Redbone!

FM: Styrofoam Purse.

TM: Ford’s song.

TFR: What does the creative process from songwriting to rehearsal to performance look like?

PB: For battle, since we had such little time, it was actually really quick. We’d come to practice with pieces or songs we wanted to cover, and we’d just get to figuring out how we’d put it together. We’ll be doing something similar for the Spring Weekend show, but after that we’ll be able to slow down and define more of a process.

TFR: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

PB: We all say 1–2–3—PRETZEL

TFR: Who are your main musical inspirations?

FO: Blink 182.

LP: Childish Gambino.

FM: Radiohead.

TM: The “Bandcamp Daily” section of bandcamp…oh and video game soundtracks.

TFR: How can Fordham students listen to your music before Spring Weekend and learn about any upcoming gigs?

FM: Follow us on Facebook! We hope to have a single out before then.


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