Varsity 8’s Race on Lake Mercer

By Peter Valentino

The second Varsity 8 won the petitie final and the first was sixth. (Courtesy of Mark Carlton)

On Sunday, Rams rowing finished up a weekend racing on Lake Mercer in West Windsor Township, New Jersey,  the Knecht Cup regatta. In the race, the Rams won the petite final with their second varsity 8s. The first varsity 8 took home sixth in their petite final.

For the second varsity 8, the team placed third behind Bucknell and Wisconsin in their heat, finishing at 7:12:56. This moved them to the semifinals, which they also placed third behind Boston College and Radcliffe at 6:56:39. In the petite final, the Rams finished at 6:55:54, winning ahead of teams like North Carolina, Massachusetts, Delaware and Boston University.

For the first varsity 8, the team had consecutive third place finishes in their heat and in the semifinals, clocking in at 7:00:79 and 6:49:48 respectively. In the final, the rowers finished sixth at 6:53:18, behind Temple, SMU, North Carolina, Bucknell and Wisconsin.

In other categories, the third varsity 8 placed third in its heat at 7:21:49 before finishing fifth in the final behind Boston College, North Carolina, Connecticut and Delaware. Fordham’s varsity 4 finished in third place in its heat at 8:05:43 before placing fifth in the semis at 7:59:72. The second varsity 4 placed fifth in their heat. In the Freshman/Novice category, the 4 took third in its heat at 8:45:94 and fourth in the semis, while the eight took seventh in its heat at 8:25:31.

The next regatta is this Saturday, April 15, in Philadelphia, as the rams will compete in the Kerr Cup on the Schuylkill River. This is the second to last race before the A-10 tournament.


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