Public Safety Briefs: Oct. 25—Nov. 1

Public Safety Briefs: Oct. 25—Nov. 1

Oct. 25
Arthur Avenue
4 p.m.
A student was walking on the street, when a woman on the sidewalk began hitting her with a newspaper. The woman claimed that the student walked too close to her. The student notified Public Safety and the police, but did not want to file a formal complaint.

Oct. 25
Southern Boulevard
5 p.m.
A faculty member’s car was broken into near Fordham. The faculty member parked his car near the football field on the west side of Southern Boulevard and a shopping bag containing miscellaneous items was stolen. Public Safety advised the faculty member to file a complaint with the police.

Oct. 29
East 189th Street
2 a.m.
Two students were walking when the female student felt someone reaching into her purse on her shoulder. Two males then fled behind them and the male student told the men to stop, and ran after them. The men dropped the female student’s phone and wallet, and punched the male student. The two men fled south on Hughes Avenue. Police responded and apprehended the suspect on Fordham Road.

Oct. 29
640 East Fordham Road
7:35 p.m.
A student finished using the ATM in the lobby of the TD Bank when he was approached by a male in a dark hooded jacket and ski mask. The man demanded money from the student, who refused. The man then put his hand in his pocket simulating a gun. The student refused again and the male fled south on Belmont. The student notified Public Safety and NYPD and the suspect was apprehended on East 189th Street.

Oct. 31
5:20 p.m.
Faber Hall
A fire alarm was activated in Faber Hall. The building was evacuated and Public Safety and the FDNY responded. It is unknown what set the alarm off. There were no damages or injuries and the system was reset.

— Compiled by Michael Byrne