USG Hold First Meeting of the Year


Courtesy of United Student Government

By Kristen McNerney

United Student Government’s (USG) first meeting of the new-year had a packed agenda, with representatives discussing their policy goals and initiatives for the spring semester.

Executive President Connor Sullivan, FCRH ’19, spoke about the necessity of developing a new constitution and said it would “better suit the organization and direct it into a sustainable future.”

According to Sullivan, the new constitution will have more specific roles and functions for representatives to better serve students. He said it will be a consolidation of the current 25 page constitution and contain a set of by-laws to be followed.

USG released a statement following the university-wide controversy of past Jesuits who served at Fordham University and Fordham Preparatory School and were credibly accused of sexual abuse. The members of USG stated they condemn these actions and strive to focus on the Jesuit mission of providing for the well-being and development of students in the aspects of mind, body and soul.

“These abhorrent abuses of power are nearly certain to severely undermine a student’s overall well-being that Fordham so dearly attempts to cultivate,” the statement read.

The statement drew connections to a nationwide culture of campus sexual assault. USG members said they hope for a strong, intensive reaction from the Fordham administration and community.

This semester, USG plans to focus on environmental consciousness and implement policies that reflect that goal. This week, the Senate will pass a resolution for Walsh Library to place more recycling bins throughout the building; the resolution reads that bins should be separated by type of recyclables such as paper or plastic. It also called for “an adequate use of signage” to make students aware of the goal.

The USG Sustainability Committee currently has a petition to make Fordham run on 100 percent renewable energy by 2040. This follows Governor Cuomo’s plan for the entirety of New York State to do the same by the same deadline. The committee hopes to tackle issues such as climate change, water and air pollution, habitat loss and damage to public health by making this goal a priority.

The committee also stated a goal for “all electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030.”

After an attempted rape last Wednesday on East 189th Street was prevented by an EMS worker, a representative for USG stated, “Bystander intervention works. If you see something, say something. It makes a difference.”

USG representatives also discussed other works-in-progress this semester, which include reusable cups in Urban Kitchen and printing in Rodrigue’s Coffee House.