USG Approves Catholic Relief Services


Courtesy of United Student Government

By Kristen McNerney

USG voted to approve Catholic Relief Services, an organization operating at Fordham under the Curran Center and the graduate program of International Political and Economic Development, at its Senate meeting on March 7.

Noah Sherer, FCRH ’21, who serves as vice president of the organization, and Lillian Crain, FCRH ’21, who serves as secretary and treasurer, presented at the meeting.

They said by receiving club status, they hope to involve more undergraduate Rose Hill students in the mission of CRS.

“We serve to encourage students to fulfill their roles as citizens and participants in politics on a local and national level for the betterment of all,” Sherer said.

Sherer and Crain explained the four campaigns the organization focuses on: climate change, migration, human trafficking and global hunger, with one campaign per semester.

They said that CRS is non-discriminatory, and students do not have to be Catholic to join.

Vice President of Student Life, Ashley Qamar, GSB ’20, presented the Beacon Exemplar Award nomination form for students to nominate a faculty or staff member at Rose Hill who demonstrates exemplary work on campus.

The form requires students who nominate someone to list the nominee’s name and campus department as well as an explanation for why this person is worthy of the award.

According to Qamar, nominees will be able to attend the Beacon Exemplar Gala.

Executive President Connor Sullivan, FCRH ’19, presented Senator Kevin McSorley, GSB ’20, with Senator of the Month. Sullivan said McSorley has been working hard and humbly on a multitude of initiatives.

Senator David D’Onofrio, FCRH ’22, said that strawberries and blueberries are now being sold at Provisions on Demand (POD).

Senator Margaret Rothfus, FCRH ’20, said that P.O.D. is also selling reusable items such as mugs, cups and bags. They are set to start selling reusable straws the week of March 11.

Ram Express in Keating and the cafeteria are also selling reusable items. Rothfus said she was informed that the cafeteria renovation will have an estimated completion date of Fall 2022.

“It’s exciting that Aramark is implementing these changes,” said Rothfus. “Sustainability committee sold the straws last semester and they did such a good job with it that Aramark decided to start selling them so it was a collaborative effort.”

Vice President of GSB, Amanda D’Antone, GSB ’19, said the academic survey for Gabelli students is still out.

Vice President of Finance, Elizabeth Bjorklund, FCRH ’21, said that club suite packets are due April 1.
Dean Arcuri reminded senators that tickets are still available for Senior Ball.