RHA Announces “A Night in the Emerald City” Under the Tent Theme


RHA announced the theme for this year's under the tent. (Courtesy of Ram Archives)

By Helen Stevenson

The theme for this year’s annual Under the Tent, hosted by Residence Hall Association (RHA), is “A Night in the Emerald City,” inspired by the Hollywood classic “The Wizard of Oz.”

This year, RHA worked in conjunction with the Office for Student Involvement (OSI) to make the transition to online ticket sales – meaning students will no longer have to camp outside McGinley in order to get tickets.

According to Connor Cunniff, FCRH ’20 and Executive Programmer of RHA, attendees to the event should expect to be treated to Emerald City’s finest decor and music from a live DJ.

“The main tent will be bathed in green lights, but if you ever feel tired from dancing all night, you can take a rest in the poppy fields like Dorothy and get a breath of fresh air,” he said.

The event, in alignment with years past, is semi-formal. Cunniff encouraged attendees to dress in accordance with the “Emerald City” theme.

“We encourage semi-formal dress, and guests who are really in tune with the theme can wear green to match the Emerald City vibe, or if they’re feeling adventurous, try to take a look inspired by one of the characters from the movie,” Cunniff said.

Cunniff said RHA came up with the idea to emulate “Wizard of Oz” last year when brainstorming. He said that 2019 is the movie’s 80th anniversary, and it ended up resonating with RHA’s general board.

“What really sold us on this theme was ideas on how we could incorporate various elements from the movie, like the Emerald City itself, the poppy fields and behind the Wizard’s curtain, into the decor of the tent, and of course, reimagined fashion possibilities inspired by the Emerald City and the characters from the movie,” he said.

The online icket sales will take place through University Tickets, an online vendor, during the week of April 8.

On April 8 at 1 p.m., senior tickets will go on sale; on April 9, junior tickets; on April 10, sophomore tickets, on the April 11, freshman tickets. On April 12, students from all classes can buy Under the Tent tickets, as well as purchase them for non-Fordham guests.

Cunniff said the new online process limits transactions to only credit or debit cards, and tickets will be limited to two per transaction.

He said that tickets will be the same price as last year, $30, but there is also a $2 processing fee that goes to the vendor. He also wanted to make it clear that if the website were to crash during ticket sales, there will be an online waiting room.

“If this message comes up, one should NOT refresh the page,” he said. “University Tickets is holding their place in line, but refreshing will put them right to the back of the line.”

Cunniff said that Under the Tent planning is a semester-long processes that requires RHA programmers to attend weekly meetings in the spring.

“We discuss decorations, photobooth ideas, entertainment, the check-in process and have crafting sessions for DIY decorations,” he said. “The Executive Board also works very closely with the Office of Residential Life on the bigger orders, like the tent itself, bathrooms and security.”

“Emerald City” will come to Martyrs Lawn for Under the Tent on April 27, and the tent will open at 9 p.m.