Freshman Helps Club Soccer Find Success


Owen Thorsteinsson FCRH ‘22 has become a huge assest for the club soccer team. (Courtesy of Owen Thorsteinsson for The Fordham Ram)

By Dylan Balsamo

Much of the dialogue surrounding college athletics, especially here at Fordham, involves the figurative and literal big men and women on campus: football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball and softball — sports that sell. What many do not talk about or may not even know about, is the Fordham club sports scene.

Owen Thorsteinsson, FCRH ‘22, is a young standout on the club soccer team.

Soccer has always been a big deal for Thorsteinsson. He began at the age of five and continued through high school, playing three seasons of varsity. Over his dorm bed hangs two soccer posters: one of the Manchester United squad and one of Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne.

Now, any soccer fan might clock that having these two posters in one room is equivalent to putting statues of Mary and Judas next to each other. Thorsteinsson doesn’t seem to care though, as his passion for the game of soccer runs far too deep.

Upon making the decision to come to Fordham, the idea of playing club soccer piqued Thorsteinsson’s interest. “I found out about the club soccer team through Fordham’s website, under the clubs and activities page,” he said. “I was hesitant to try out at first, but my parents, coaches, and friends encouraged me to give it a try.”

The attempt proved successful, as Thorsteinsson found a role early in the fall season. He would come off the bench as an attacker, shifting between the left and right wing and proving himself a versatile offensive tool.

By the time the team hit Nationals, he started two of the three tournament games and has been a staple in coach Chris Caserta’s starting lineup for the entire spring season.

In the club’s 4-1 win against Sacred Heart in early April, Thorsteinsson scored his first Fordham goal, earning Man of the Match honors from Caserta.

Thorsteinsson attributes these personal successes to the environment that the club has cultivated. “It was an easy integration into the team because of how welcoming everyone is,” he said. If I mess up, or don’t play a great game, my teammates are the first to pick me back up and encourage me.”

He also said he is “so thankful that my peers and family pushed my to try out, because joining the team has been one of my best decisions I’ve made since I started school here and it has been an incredible part of my overall college experience.”

As a collective, Fordham’s team found success during the fall season. It placed high at regionals in Delaware, which was good enough to earn them a spot at Club Nationals in Alabama.

Although one of the smallest schools at the tournament, as Thorsteinsson is quick to point out, Fordham held its own, placing high in its group and advancing to the knockout phase. It was there that the club lost at the hands of Michigan State, 3-1. For a team like Fordham, getting that far and playing much larger programs is a massive success.

“I can’t wait until next fall season to prove myself again and hopefully win the league and make it to nationals,” Thorsteinsson said. “I am surrounded by a talented group of freshmen and I think that we can do great things in the future for the club.”
If those other freshmen — there are nine of them, to be exact — have the same talent, dedication and passion as Owen Thorsteinsson, then this club is in good shape in the years to come.