Post Malone Revels in Rawness on the Genre-Eluding “Hollywood’s Bleeding”


Post Malone is an interesting figure in the music world. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Alexandra Lange, Contributing Writer

You never know what to expect from Post Malone. His unkempt hair and face tattoos give him a trap-rapper vibe, yet his soft, emotional voice says something completely different.

With an ability to transcend musical genres like no other, it is impossible to give a clear definition of Post Malone’s style. However, as improbable as it seems, fans are drawn time and time again to his music and are constantly left wondering what the Texas-raised musician will do next.

His latest project “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is a step in a new direction. Incorporating elements of pop, emo rap, rock, folk and R&B, fans of every genre are sure to find tracks they connect with on the album.

Not only does Post Malone blend genres throughout the album, but he also offers an intimate, introspective account of his personal life. Documenting his struggles with fame, heartbreak and the mistakes of his younger self, listeners feel as if they are inside the musician’s head and get to know one of the world’s most streamed artists on a deeper level.

Post Malone shows us just how much he has grown up from his “Stoney” and “Beerbongs and Bentleys” days, departing from his former brag-heavy, formulaic tracks and transitioning into a style that is uniquely his own. Filled with emotion and free of the constraints of any genre, Post Malone has found his sound on “Hollywood’s Bleeding.”

Although 17 tracks long, which is fairly packed for an album, Post Malone keeps listeners’ attention from start to finish.

Previously criticized for a lack of variety in his music, the artist has crafted each song on his most recent album to be an experience in and of itself. With each track having a different yet still “Posty” feel, fans can truly appreciate Post Malone’s artistic mastery. Whether he is rocking out on the punk-alt “Allergic” or giving pop star vibes on the up-tempo, guitar-centered “Circles,” Malone shows off his incredible musical range and proves himself to be one of the most talented artists in the industry.

The features on “Hollywood’s Bleeding” push the project to another level as they perfectly complement Malone’s artistry and highlight his ability to bend genres even further. He shows off his soulful side next to SZA on the synth-pop ballad “Staring at the Sun” and returns to his rap roots on the typical trap beat “Die for Me” alongside Halsey and Future.

The three-time platinum hit “Sunflower” is also included on the album featuring the near-perfect addition of Swae Lee.

In an unlikely combination of artists, the power-rock track “Take What You Want” features heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and innovative trap star Travis Scott.

At first glance, you may think there is no way this trio would work, yet oddly enough, Ozzy’s electrifying vocals and Scott’s distinct rap vibe actually complement Post’s softness. Their voices seamlessly mix together on the innovative thrashy guitar, heavy 808 beat, proving we should never doubt the mind of Post Malone.

The incredible diversity of style on the album is accentuated by production from some of the top producers in every genre from the Taylor Swift producer, pop powerhouse Louis Bell on songs like “A Thousand Bad Times” to the young trap producer Nick Mira on “On the Road.” Also strengthening the album’s array of sounds are noteworthy co-writers such as Father John Misty on the folky “Myself,” in which Malone shows off his croony, intimate side and Kanye West on “Internet,” where the artist swears off the Internet and its shallowness.

Teaming up with not only the hottest artists in the industry but also plaque-winning producers, Post Malone asserts his position as music’s most diverse artist. He shares his most intimate and personal lyrics yet and has truly discovered who he is as an artist. “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is the up close and personal story of the ups and downs of fame, relatable heartache and the search for meaning in life.

Malone manages to give deep meaning to each track, all the while crossing between nearly every genre from rap to folk. If you thought you knew Post Malone before this album, think again. “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is sure to change your mind for the better.