USG Senior Senators Provide Initiative Updates


Courtesy of United Student Government

Hasna Ceran, Staff Writer

This past Thursday, Nov. 7, the United Student Government (USG) had the senators of the class of 2020 provide updates on their ongoing initiatives.

During the senate report, Sen. Domenic Setaro, FCRH ’20, stated that the Dining Committee tabled in McGinley in order to get feedback from the student body. The results of the survey showed that many students of Fordham have low opinions of campus dining. There have been new LED signs added in the Marketplace, and although there have been some issues with the Coca-Cola vending machines on campus, measures are being taken to fix them.

Sen. Matthew Schumacher, FCRH ’20, provided an update on his initiative to compile a resource list for Fordham students, stating that he had most of the resources he needed and was now compiling the list. He also spoke about the FCRH and GSB Joint Town Hall on Nov. 12, an event in which students would be able to express questions and concerns to the deans of both schools. He informed USG that the funding for the event had been taken care of by the attending deans.

Finally, Sen. Emily Silfies, GSB ’20, spoke about a previous proposal for Open Campus Wednesdays, which would open up the Fordham campus to visitors from the surrounding area without a Fordham ID. She said that the proposal is unlikely to be instated, as it would cause problems for Public Safety and require too much funding to ensure proper security. She also mentioned that she would be rebranding the planned “Outfest” in October as a different event later on in the semester, one that would showcase accepting spaces for LGBT students on campus.

In the delegate report, the delegate for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) said that the “It’s On Us” SAAC Committee is planning a sexual misconduct meeting during the spring semester. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) mentioned an upcoming fundraising week for pediatric cancer in conjunction with the Fordham Dance Marathon. The Commuting Students Association (CSA) reminded USG about the upcoming Thanks-Give-Away on Nov. 21, at 6 p.m on the second floor of McGinley.

Afterward, Sen. Luke Morgan, GSB ’22, presented his updated proposal for a bulletin board on the Walsh Gate that would help keep commuting students informed of events on campus. While the proposal originally campaigned for a traditional bulletin board on Walsh Gate, it has since been updated to two LED boards on the Walsh and Metro-North gates, due to the fact that this would reduce vandalism and increase visibility. The proposal was approved pending quorum.

USG also approved a new club, the Balkan Student Association, which is meant to bring awareness to the Balkan peninsula and help bring Balkan students together with fundraisers and events such as networking and guest speakers.

Finally, the USG presented their two senators of the month, Morgan and Sen. Carsyn Fischer, FCRH ’21. They also decided that the club of the month would be the Humanitarian Student Union, due to their work on the nuclear weapons panel.