Fordham Law School Announces LL.M Real Estate Program


The Fordham University School of Law has begun offering an LL.M in Real Estate, a welcomed addition for students looking to go into real estate law. (The Ram Archives)

Hasna Ceran, Assistant News Editor

Fordham University School of Law, also known as Fordham Law, announced that it now offers a Master of Laws (LL.M) degree in Real Estate.

An LL.M degree is an optional secondary degree demonstrating proficiency in a specific area of law. This degree is often pursued by lawyers who have already earned their Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree and passed the bar exam and are now seeking advanced knowledge in their area of practice. This program is currently the only one of its kind in New York City and one of few across the United States.

The ability to earn an LL.M in real estate law would allow students attending Fordham Law to focus a portion of their studies specifically on the subject of real estate law, which includes laws relating to issues of property ownership, estate planning, land use laws and zoning, to name a few. According to Fordham University’s website, the degree is “intended for attorneys looking to deepen their understanding of real estate law or to open up new career opportunities in real estate,”

“The new LL.M in Real Estate is an opportunity for Fordham Law to highlight its depth and breadth in real estate offerings while taking advantage of related programming throughout the University,” said Toni Jaeger-Fine, assistant dean of international and non-J.D. programs at Fordham Law, when asked about the significance of this new program for Fordham Law.

This sentiment was echoed by professor Nestor M. Davidson, Albert A. Walsh chair in real estate, land use and property law and faculty director of the Fordham Urban Law Center.

“Students in our program will have access to our law school’s exceptional faculty and many real estate offerings and will be just a subway ride away from the world’s leading developers and law firms,” said Davidson. “It’s an exceptional opportunity for lawyers seeking to build their real estate practice.”

However, the availability of this program is not related only to Fordham Law’s growth, but also to the real estate market in New York City. As one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the country, the New York City real estate market is changing every day, and Fordham Law’s new offering comes just in time, to accomodate the growing field.

“This program also serves an important need — ours is the only such degree in the country’s largest real estate market. We are excited about the opportunity to provide lawyers the chance to develop and enhance their knowledge in this field, so crucial to the local, national, and global economies,” said Jaeger-Fine.

Fordham Law’s new program offering for real estate law establishes its ability to work with the city and react to the needs of its students and law practices in New York City in general.