Boy Pablo’s “Wachito Rico” is a Hopeless Romantic’s Best Friend

Boy Pablo’s latest album, “Wachito Rico,” dropped on Oct. 23. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Boy Pablo’s latest album, “Wachito Rico,” dropped on Oct. 23. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Ed Lucano, Contributing Writer

Love is everywhere. From lust to loss and everything in between, it can really make or break us. Whether love is idealized on film or heartbreak is spun into a song, the entertainment industry helps us articulate our feelings more profoundly than we could. However, artists sometimes exaggerate their emotions to make them iconic enough to quote or scream in the car. Sure, it is still relatable, but real-life love is not always as easy (or hard) as it is in our headphones. Luckily, the modern love’s saving grace has come in the form of a 13-track LP of the indie variety. In other words, “Wachito Rico” by Boy Pablo is heartfelt and relevant at the same time.


Boy Pablo is genuinely fun to listen to. Hailing from Bergen, Norway, this two-time Grammy Award-winning bedroom pop outfit is best known for their breakout hit “Everytime,” which accumulated 33 million YouTube views and catapulted them to stardom. Nicolas Muñoz, the band’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, infuses his Chilean heritage into his music to produce a seamless mix of English and Spanish songwriting. In turn, Muñoz has developed a motif throughout the album by following a character called “Wachito Rico,” which is a Chilean expression for “handsome boy,” as he navigates life while yearning for affection.


The first single off the album, “Hey Girl,” is a strong introduction to the album prior to its release. Muñoz’s ability to juxtapose feelings of anxiety with strong guitar riffs and plucky bass lines demonstrates the intense highs and lows of having feelings for someone. What is even more charming about this tune is how simple and honest its lyrics are. “Hey girl, it’s the first time / I’ve looked at somebody like this / And hey girl, I’m so nervous / You look so fine, you make me shiver like crazy.” This is a perfect example of how less is often more. 


Although “Mustache” is sort of silly, I think that it is a wonderful homage to Gen Z self-doubt; this song is literally about how Muñoz cannot grow a mustache and is frustrated because he is old enough to be able to. However, the chorus serves as a light in the darkness in terms of affirmation: “You can keep trying, oh-yeah / I’ve been patient for way too long / Keep hanging in there, oh-yeah / I will get there and prove ’em wrong.” Albeit lighthearted, “Mustache” is very insightful when it comes to living up to societal expectations.


My favorite track from “Wachito Rico” is hands down its title track. Seldom do I listen to a song for only a second or two and instantly decide I like it, but this song was definitely one of them. Boy Pablo managed to integrate disco hall energy into surf rock to create some of the most exciting music I have heard all year. 


I first discovered Boy Pablo during my first semester of freshman year. As my senior year slowly comes to a close, I cannot help but reflect on how much their music has meant to me over the last three years. I feel like I have grown up a lot since I first arrived at Fordham, and this band’s discography has been there with me through it all. Once my time as a student here comes to an end, I will not be able to think of college without thinking of Boy Pablo and “Wachito Rico.”