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Ramshackledness of Ram Registration

Ramshackledness of Ram Registration

April 3, 2019

Fordham must take steps to clean up its registration process and requirements if it wants to keep enrolling students in the first place.

Dr. Mark Naison poses with Lizzy Grant, now know as Lana del Rey, during her time as a student in his Rock & Roll to Hip-Hop class (Courtesy of Mark Naison).

Uniquely-Structured Courses Draw Higher Student Interest

November 7, 2018

Fordham's popular classes range from Dr. Mark Naison's "Rock & Roll to Hip-Hop" to Prof. Francis Petit's "Sports Marketing" to Dr. Scott Poulson-Bryant's "Stayin' Alive: Performing Race and Ethnicity in 1970s Literature and Popular Culture."

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