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From the Desk of Courtney Ho, Assistant Web Editor

April 17, 2013

By COURTNEY HO ASSISTANT WEB EDITOR Everyone was there – the loud chatter, the waves of laughter, the widened smiles. At that single moment, I remember thinking, “So, this is life.” That moment is one of the earliest memories I can recall from my youth and is a brief memory of a simple family dinner. At that moment, I distinctly remember looking around the room and being overcome with happiness and love. It was ...

John Lamonica

Editor’s Pick: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

March 6, 2013

By COURTNEY HO ASSISTANT WEB EDITOR There is a 200 pound man on top of me and I can hardly breathe, but I tell myself to stay calm and think. Hundreds of possible scenarios flash through my mind, and I gradually...

Dining Out: Le Pain Quotidien

January 30, 2013

By COURTNEY  HO STAFF WRITER For all the five of you beautiful people out there who actually read what I write and who have humbly followed me throughout the years of my culinary escapades, you know that I do not eat salads. I do not write about them—I hardly even look at them. I am not a rabbit. I am not a depressed vegetarian. But there are times when even I, a dedicated and indulgent carnivore, am compelled to bow do...

Dining Out: Crif Dogs

January 23, 2013

By COURTNEY HO It was one a.m. in the morning in the Lower East Side. I was hungry. Like all human beings, my stomach wanted something indulging, satisfying and slightly immoral. Unable to find a decent food truck, my starving stomach and I crawled down Saint Marks, and looked up to see my only salvation: a picture of a hot dog that said “eat me.” I had arrived at Crif Dogs. Crif Dogs, the self-proclaimed “#1 w...

Dining Out: The Park

November 28, 2012

By COURTNEY HO Last Friday night, I stumbled out of an art gallery in the heart of Chelsea. And by “stumbled,” I mean physically and mentally. I still do not understand that piece of canvas that was just blue. Anyway, I was hungry, and I knew the Chelsea Market was closed. Suddenly, I walked by a beautiful stream of lights that illuminated the otherwise-dark 10th Avenue. They were coming from The Park. Originall...

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