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COVID-19 will force many changes to holiday traditions (Courtesy of Flickr).

Holidays Traditions Must Change Amid COVID-19

October 21, 2020

Just like every other milestone or major event during 2020, the end of the year holiday season might not be cancelled, but it will be different. While these changes may not be ideal, it is important to remember why we celebrate these holidays in the first place.

The COVID-19 pandemic inspired Tereze Nika to research the pandemic’s effects on students’ career preparedness and hopes for the future. (Courtesy of Tereze Nika)

Tereze Nika Examines Effect of Unprecedented Times on Students’ Mental Health

October 21, 2020

Tereze Nika, FCRH ’21, examines the impact that the changes in college students’ career plans and aspirations due to COVID-19 have on their levels of stress.

College football is back, but it doesn't feel normal. (Courtesy of Twitter)

College Football is Back?

October 21, 2020

College football has returned in 2020, but watching games doesn't necessarily feel like an escape from our everyday struggles with COVID-19.

Social distancing measures will have a long-term impact on child and adolescent mental health (Courtesy of Twitter).

Pandemic Will Have a Lasting Impact on Children and Teens

October 21, 2020

Social development and mental health in teenagers will be one of the long term effects of the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t rise to the challenge and overcome it.

BREAKING: Provost Announces Cancellation of Spring 2021 Study Abroad Programs

Helen Stevenson, Editor-in-Chief

October 20, 2020

Provost Dennis C. Jacobs announced on Tuesday Oct. 20 that all study abroad programs for the spring 2021 semester are cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

BREAKING: Fordham Modifies Spring Semester Calendar

Helen Stevenson, Editor-in-Chief

October 8, 2020

Fordham modified its academic calendar for the spring 2021 semester, including a start date of Feb. 1 and the cancellation of spring break.

Fordham’s cross country team will try to replace some key figures this season. (Courtesy of Fordham Athletics)

Cross Country Stays Ready to Make Strides This Season

October 7, 2020

New faces and the COVID-19 pandemic make this a challenging season for Fordham’s cross country team, but the Rams will look to make strides nonetheless.

The Lightning emerged victorious in the Stanley Cup Final, but everybody won due to the lack of COVID-19 cases in the NHL’s hub cities. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Bubble Hockey in Review

October 7, 2020

The NHL’s bubble experiment proved successful, with a safe playing environment and an opportunity to end the season.

President Trump's Behavior Sends Dangerous Message

President Trump’s Behavior Sends Dangerous Message

October 7, 2020

At The Fordham Ram, we will not endorse any candidate for the 2020 election. We will continue to cover election debates, political perspectives from students and seek to be unbiased. But this will not stop us from critiquing genuinely harmful advice — COVID-19 must be taken seriously.

Sláinte was one of the dance groups that performed at Keating Steps. (Courtesy of Sláinte Instagram)

USG Holds “Keating Steps” Amidst the Pandemic

October 7, 2020

On Wednesday, Sept. 30, the United Student Government (USG) held its annual event showcasing different performance groups on Keating Steps. Due to the weather and the COVID-19 pandemic, the event looked different than it has in previous years.

Construction continues at McGinley as the university expects phase one of the project to be completed by August 2021. (Emma Paolini/The Fordham Ram)

Progress Made in Campus Construction Projects

October 7, 2020

Many of Fordham’s construction projects made progress over the summer, despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Coming to Terms with the New Normal

Coming to Terms with the New Normal

September 30, 2020

Many of us had the impression earlier this year that the fall would be “back to normal,” but we must come to terms with the fact that that sense of normal may not return any time soon.

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