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New Yorkers have demonstrated resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic (Courtesy of Flickr).

New Yorkers Respond with Grace and Poise Amid Crisis

May 4, 2020

In this heinous moment in history, New Yorkers of all ages have managed to confront each day being their best selves: kind, selfless and tough.

A quarantine of New York City would be a frightening reality. (Courtesy of Twitter)

NYC Quarantine Would Pose More Questions than Answers

April 15, 2020

The logistics of locking down what is essentially the capital of the world, and a city of 8 million, are complicated, to say the least.

Bocca di Bacco, with three locations across New York City, offers delicious, well-crafted traditional Italian food. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Bocca di Bacco: Impeccable Italian

February 12, 2020

To make your search a little bit easier, I present Bocca di Bacco.

Mayor Bloomberg is expected to run for the Democratic nomination. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Considers 2020 Presidential Bid

November 20, 2019

Current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped out of the Democratic primary in Sept., but now his predecessor Michael Bloomberg is taking steps to join the 2020 race.

Protesters march behind a large sign shaped like the Capitol Building that says 'Our House.' (Courtesy of Emma Sammons)

New York Women’s March Divided

January 23, 2019

Many people attended the Women's March this weekend. Due to controversy two seperate marches were held in New York

(Kevin Stoltenborg/The Fordham Ram)

Panelists Discuss Illegal Immigration at Know Your Rights Forum

January 31, 2018

By Jasmin Boyce Students and community members discussed current New York City immigration laws and immigrant rights at an open “Know Your Rights” forum on Monday night, sponsored by Fordham’s Bronx African American History Proje...

(Courtesy of Flickr).

Fordham Versus SJP

February 15, 2017

By Marcelle Meyer Trump-era politics are generally described by the opposition in terms like “extremist,” “fascist” and “unprecedented.” We treat the current political landscape as if it is comple...

(Courtesy of The Fordham Ram Archives)

New York is My Campus

January 25, 2017

  By The Culture Editors Kerry James Marshall’s Mastry Through Jan. 29 Met Breuer, 945 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10021 The Met Breuer, an offshoot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, features the largest retrospective of ar...

Spoken word poetry covers a plethora of topics, creating both tears and laughs. (Courtesy of Ryan Quinn)

A Night. Of Spoken Word. And Originality.

September 14, 2016

By Taylor Shaw I (and a few uncertain but optimistic friends) hopped on the D train and headed downtown for a night of poetry at the Sheen Center on Sept. 10. To some, this may sound strange, or even...

Many students hope to call NYC home after graduation.

Updating the New York City Dream

December 2, 2015

By Jaclyn Weiner Many students come to Fordham expecting to start a life in New York City, but this dream is more difficult to realize than some might expect. The cost of living in New York City has ...

Best of Bagels

November 4, 2015

By Allison Russo In the bagel capital of the world, you have to go out of your way to find a bad bagel in New York City. That being said, some stand out more than others and these are the ones that should be sought out. Here are some of the most delicious and unique bagels I have found within the five boroughs. 1. Bagelsmith – Williamsburg This Brooklyn spot earned a place on the list not only because of its insane ba...

Ferragosto, on Arthur Avenue, featured a pig roast and delicious Italian food.

Fall in Love with Fall Festivals in New York City

September 16, 2015

By Katherine Kelly As the season of swimsuits, surf, sand and ice cream comes to a close, the season of sweaters, school, multicolored leaves and cider emerges. Fall offers not only a refreshing atmospher...

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