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Protests in response to the death of George Floyd have taken place across the United States (Courtesy of Flickr).

Police Brutality Protests Highlight Racial Disparities in Challenging Injustice

June 5, 2020

Denied a majority, nonviolent protest can never fully succeed unless the majority — the beneficiary of whatever injustice is occurring — agrees to voluntarily give up their benefits to alleviate the suffering of the minority.

Fordham Student Participates in Hong Kong Protests

Fordham Student Participates in Hong Kong Protests

December 4, 2019

Stevie Cortez became involved with ongoing protests in Hong Kong while studying abroad at the City University of Hong Kong.

Though the necessity defense is not a common legal argument, it is employed by many young protesters (Courtesy of Owen Corrigan).

In Defense of the Necessity Defense

April 11, 2018

By Robin Happel When many of us read Thoreau in high school, it was hard to imagine that his warbling over songbirds and squirrels would someday center in heated legal battles. Nevertheless, Thoreau’s “On the Duty of...

The latest protests have been widely attended, but a successful protest requires organization as well as attendance.

Organized Protests: Some Assembly Required

February 1, 2017

By Ahmed Youssef “And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave!” The last line of the United States national anthem proudly touts the country as a...

Anti-Trump protests have continued to erupt around the country, and often send the message “love trumps hate.” (Courtesy of Flickr).

Defending Our Right to be Upset and Protest

November 16, 2016

By Casey Chun  One conclusion we can all arrive at is that this election cycle has left us all tired, emotionally and even physically. Being constantly exposed to a glut of headlines on all the candidates ...

Fordham Freshmen More Likely To Protest

Fordham Freshmen More Likely To Protest

March 30, 2016

By Theresa Schliep As Generation Y matures from Nickelodeon watching, Nintendo playing school children to young adults enrolled in higher education, some predict that student protests will become more pr...

Student protestors and administrators have struggled to find common ground following bias incidents. Ram Archives

After Bias Incidents, Students and Admin Search for Common Solutions

November 11, 2015

By Joe Vitale Following a string of racial and bias incidents at the University of Missouri, protests from students and threats of boycott from student-athletes came to a head this week when two top a...

Amid Buzz of Ram Town, FSU Stages Silent Protest

Amid Buzz of Ram Town, FSU Stages Silent Protest

October 21, 2015

By Katie Meyer This year’s Ram Town celebration went on almost as usual — the Rose Hill gym was filled to its rafters with maroon. The basketball teams showed off skills and drummed up school spiri...

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