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The Instagram page @blackatfordham catalogues students' experiences of bias and discrimination. (Mackenzie Cranna/The Fordham Ram)

Student Run Instagram Accounts Call out Racism At Fordham

September 23, 2020

Instagram pages @blackatfordham and @letstalkaboutitfordham post testimonials of the implicit and explicit racial biases they face, as well as instances of sexism, homophobia and other discrimination.

Familiar places on campus, like the library, pictured above, have been altered to help keep social distancing. (Mackenzie Cranna/The Fordham Ram)

Fordham Prepares Facilities with COVID-19 Provisions

September 23, 2020

In preparation for reopening amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Fordham took multiple steps to update its facilities to keep the campus community safe.

Fordham faculty hosted 5 events on Zoom where attendees watched

Students and Faculty Participate in Scholar Strike Discussions

September 16, 2020

Fordham students and faculty gather on Tuesday Sept. 8 and Wednesday Sept. 9 for various panels to discuss racism, mass incarceration, policing and other similar topics as part of the national #scholarstrike.

CAB hosted a virtual speaker event with Broadway star, Anothony Ramos. (Courtesy of Lianna Meehan)

CAB Hosts Successful Hybrid Welcome Week

September 9, 2020

CAB hosted its annual Welcome Week featuring a combination of virtual and in-person events.

The Scholar Strike was inspired by the similar strike initiated by NBA and WNBA players who stopped playing briefly following the muder of Jacob Blake. (Mackenzie Cranna/The Fordham Ram)

Fordham Faculty Participate in National Scholar Strike

September 9, 2020

Fordham is hosting zoom events on Sept. 8 and 9 in conjunction with the national movement, Scholar Strike.

ASILI Releases Second Volume of Demands

Sarah Huffman, News Editor

August 31, 2020

ASILI posted a second volume of demands on their Instagram, comprising of old demands that were not addressed and new ones brought to their attention by the student body.

University Elaborates on Health and Safety Policies for Fall Semester

Sarah Huffman, News Editor

July 23, 2020

McShane sent an email on July 20 explaining the health and safety policies and that will be implemented for the fall semester.

Administration Releases Anti-Racism Action Plan

Sarah Huffman, News Editor

July 16, 2020

Fordham released their action plan against racism after students demanded change through email and social media.

Contract workers normally rely on their direct employers for payment and benefits. (Courtesy of Twitter)

WRA Creates Petition to Pay Contracted Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic

April 22, 2020

Workers' Rights Advocates and the Fordham Law COVID-19 Response Coalition started a petition for Fordham to pay contracted workers through the coronavirus pandemic.

Courtesy of United Student Government

USG Announces 2020-2021 Election Results

April 15, 2020

USG announced the candidates elected for the 2020-2021 school year.

USG Meet the Candidates 2020-2021 Held Online

Sarah Huffman, News Editor

April 3, 2020

USG held Meet the Candidates online this year in lieu of their usual, annual debate.

Fordham's mutual aid spreadsheet is divided into sections based on different types of needs students might have. (Jennifer Hoang/The Fordham Ram)

Fordham Faculty and Students Start Mutual Aid Spreadsheet

April 1, 2020

Students and faculty joined together to create a spreadsheet where students can contribute and request necessary supplies.

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