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College Students Must Do Their Part to Flatten the Curve

College Students Must Do Their Part to Flatten the Curve

March 25, 2020

Even if you may not be in serious danger if you contract the virus, ignoring the precautions puts vulnerable populations at risk.

(Hunter Benegas/The Fordham Ram)

Keeping Solidarity from a Distance

March 25, 2020

In trying times, a lot is changing around us, but I realize the only constants we have are the people around us.

Endorsements from former candidates have been a hot topic in the Democratic primaries. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Endorsements Promote Democratic Party Unity

March 25, 2020

Instead of trying to weaponize the concept of endorsements during the 2020 election, Americans should endeavor to use the concept to bring unity and solidarity to the nation.

Artists and crew members struggle as concerts are being cancelled. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Artists and Crew Members Struggle to Get the Show on the Road

March 25, 2020

Heading into the all-important summer touring season, the entire music industry faces an uncertain future.

Itaewon is a small resturant but serves big flavors. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Itaewon Is Easy To Miss But Hard to Forget

March 25, 2020

With such an exciting atmosphere, it is only fitting that Itaewon’s menu is delicious enough to complement it.

Toliet paper flying off shelves is just one example of the panic sweeping the nation. (Courtsey of Flickr)

Staying Mentally Healthy at a Distance

March 25, 2020

As the implications of COVID-19 seem to grow more serious with each passing day, throughout the nation there is an increase in panic.

Many students are calling for a tuition refund after the suspension of face-to-face classes. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Tuition Refund Would Send Needed Message

March 25, 2020

A tuition reimbursement, however small, will send a message to families that the university recognizes the difficult times ahead and is dedicated to ensuring the safety and health of students and their families.

The Weeknd’s new album explores lonliness and failed love. (Courtesy of Facebook)

The Weeknd’s New Album Cuts Through the Isolation

March 25, 2020

Often singing about loneliness, failed romance, his inability to love and battles with his inner self, The Weeknd never fails to get his XO fanbase in their feels.

Sports are on hold, but that doesn't mean there aren't positives we can find. (Courtesy of Flickr)

A World Without Sports

March 25, 2020

It is unfortunate when so much of what sports fans and players love is gone. We all hope sports and the entire world will soon resume to normal, but that is not to say there are not any positives in the meantime.

Ramchella, based on Coachella, was one of the events during Commuter Week. (Jennifer Hoang/The Fordham Ram)

Commuter Week Brings Worldly Festivals to Fordham

March 25, 2020

CSA’s annual Commuter Week featured events based on festivals from around the world.

A Call to Create

A Call to Create

October 9, 2019

Sharing your interiority with the outside world can be a nervewracking experience, but one that almost always proves worthwhile for everyone involved. Learn to lean into the discomfort that accompanies such vulnerability.

Maura Mast, Dean of Fordham College Rose Hill (Kevin Stolenborg/The Fordham Ram)

Dean Mast Sits Down with Ram

December 5, 2018

Dean Mast discusses course registration, the state of the humanities and growing fields of study at Fordham

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