Binge Guide: ‘Castle’


Over seven seasons, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic developed stellar chemistry. Courtesy of Flickr

Over seven seasons, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic developed stellar chemistry. Courtesy of Flickr

Over seven seasons, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic developed stellar chemistry. Courtesy of Flickr

By Nicole Fiorica

Genre: Dramedy/Crime Drama

Seasons/Episodes: 7/136

Avg Episode Length: 43 minutes

Available on: Amazon Instant Video

What it’s about:

When a killer begins replicating the murders in his novels, bestselling mystery writer Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) serves as an adviser to the NYPD homicide unit led by Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). Even after they solve the case, Castle gets permission to shadow the team in order to help him write his next book series. Much to Beckett’s dismay, she has become the primary  inspiration for his new protagonist, and real-life feelings start to develop between her and Castle.

Why it’s so good:

Ultimately, fans of the show watch for Castle and Beckett’s amazing chemistry, which is equal parts comedy and drama.

Rick Castle’s antics and efforts as a novelist are always fun to watch, but he is still a well-developed character as a writer and a family man who must navigate his own problems while taking care of his daughter and dealing with the antics of his fame-obsessed mother. Beckett, likewise, is more than just another pretty face, and her personal struggles dealing with her mother’s unsolved murder give her a interesting backstory that spills into the show’s most compelling plot lines. However, Castle’s antics and wittiness do bring out Beckett’s more light- hearted side, which juxtaposes her professional demeanor.

Why you should binge it:

Castle is seven seasons long and counting, which makes it an ideal choice if you are looking for a lengthy show to devour. As mentioned before, a large part of what makes Castle such a great show is watching the relationship between Castle and Beckett develop, but you’ll have to watch through a lot of [will they/won’t they] tension to get to that point. The sheer desire of wanting it to happen will prompt you to watch faster.


Castle is a fun dramedy, but the best episodes are the ones that break away into more high- stakes plotlines. Some of the best arcs to follow involve Beckett’s desire to catch her mother’s killer, an unsolved mystery from years ago. Episodes that epitomize this story are Season 3’s “Knockdown” and “Knockout.” Additional fan- favorite episodes include season four’s “Always,” when Beckett is put on trial for murder and Castle must decide how far he is willing to go to help her and Season 5’s “Still,” in which Beckett and Castle rehash their relationship as Beckett stands on a bomb detonator.

Potential Pitfalls

At the end of the day, “Castle” is still a cop drama, so the ins and outs of each season may seem a little bit slow, with a few stand-out episodes amidst a string of formulaic one-episode plot arcs. For this reason, it is not such a tragedy that season one is a very short 10 episodes. If police shows like “Law and Order” are your thing, then “Castle” is definitely a {show for you. But, if you need a cliffhanger at the end of every episode in order to keep your attention hooked, getting into “Castle” may be a little bit of a struggle.