Shaping up for Summer

The most important part about exercising is making sure you put time aside to do it. Kellyn Simpkins/The Fordham Ram

By Catherine Kastberg

Now that spring break has come and gone, it’s time to seriously crack down. While I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on vacation and participated in the “treat yourself” mentality by eating anything and everything in sight, it is time to prepare for summer.

I hate to say it, but the key to losing weight is making sacrifices. The most important part about exercising is making sure you put time aside to do it. It can be hard and annoying, but if you want to get into shape you have to acknowledge that this is a serious commitment.

Now that the weather is supposedly getting warmer, there are so many more opportunities for exercise. As Fordham students, we are fortunate enough to be granted access to the Botanical Gardens. If you have yet to visit and take a relaxing jog or walk in the gardens, you are missing out. The scenery is so beautiful that you will forget you are even working out.

Another alternative is the Bronx Zoo. It’s free for everyone on Wednesdays and is also a great place for a stroll or a jog. Remember when we were little and jumping rope was a fun past time? Well, why not try to develop that habit again. You will be shocked at how easy little kids make it look because it is definitely a workout that delivers results.

After cardio comes the fat burning exercises, such as squats and planks. Interval training is also a great way to lose weight and it flies by. ndulge yourself in the warm weather by strolling down Arthur, and treat yourself to a satisfying salad at Johns Pizzeria or mix it up with a smoothie at Healthy Fresh, which can be found on Hughes.

Try sticking to foods that are high in fiber and low in fat such as whole grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables. One of my biggest challenges when trying to slim down is snacking; I love snacking. Instead of automatically reaching for the bag of chips, substitute with carrots and hummus or vanilla yogurt with granola and fruit mixed in. The hardest part of fitness is developing a routine and carving out time in your day, but once you have achieved that, it will become a second thought.