The Ramantic: Hashing it Out


What to do when your friends do not like your significant other.
Often times what happens within a relationship is unknown to people outside of the relationship. What happens with you and your boyfriend or girlfriend is unique and personal. For this reason, animosity can build between friends and your significant other. Not to mention, the division of your time can cause tension between the two. In order to keep the situation calm, you must be conscious about the balance.
Remember that the tension is due to the mutual love for you.
It is important not to get mad at your significant other and your friends. The push and pull for your love and attention is truly because they like spending time with you. Instead of arguing and getting angry, remember that these people love you and explain to them that you also feel the same way. Furthermore, if one of them seems to have a specific concern about the other one, they are most likely trying to protect you.
Be honest and open about your schedule.
Do not try to keep your time with your significant other or your friend secret from the other to protect their feelings. This will only raise the tension and cause them to feel betrayed as well. Let them know your schedule and stay true to the plans you make with them. It is ok, however, to not feel obligated to invite one to your events with the other.
Plan consistent weekly time for each of them.
Making an honest effort to do some of the same things with both your significant other and your friends every week can keep tension from building in the first place. Balance your schedule. Obviously, it is common to spend more time with your significant other than your friends, but if they know you will always be at dinner on Thursday or breakfast on Tuesday, they will feel much less neglected.
Sometimes you have to listen to your friends.
I know it may be hard to accept, but in some cases your friends are right about your significant other. If more than one friend is badgering you or if one friend is very delicately trying to discuss a problem they have concerning a significant other, it may be time to listen. Especially if you have any doubts yourself, your friends may see something you cannot when they are looking from the outside. Neither your friend nor your girlfriend or boyfriend should want you to accept less for yourself, so keep that in mind.