Rose Hill Gym to be Renovated, Renamed

By Jack McLoone

Fordham Rose Hill Gym to be renovated by the summer of 2018. (Owen Corrigan/The Fordham Ram)

The historic Rose Hill Gymnasium will be getting a new name, and a new look to match.

The gym will be renamed the “Frank McLaughlin Family Basketball Court,” in honor of Frank McLaughlin, FCRH ’69.
According to Fordham News, the renaming is part of a fundraiser to improve the gymnasium, with a proposed goal of $2.5 million. The most recent update on the amount raised was over $1.3 million.

The planned renovations will be completed over the next two summers, according to David Roach, director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation. This summer, the lower-area seating will be redone. During the summer of 2018, a new wood floor will be installed and a “hospitality suite” will be installed in the upper area of the arena.

The fully-renovated Frank McLaughlin Family Basketball Court will be completed in the summer of 2018.

The fight for basketball recruits in the New York area is tough, and there is hope that the new renovations could help entice recruits as well as provide a better product for fans.
“We hope that it will provide a better atmosphere for the game day experience, which will also help when we bring recruits in to watch games,” said Roach.

McLaughlin was part of the basketball team as a student, and was athletic director from 1985 to 2012. He was also an assistant coach under legendary head coach Richard “Digger” Phelps during the 1970-71 season. That season, the Rams won their only tournament game, beating Furman 105-74 before losing to Villanova in the Sweet 16.

“I think the university decided to honor Frank McLaughlin after his many years of service to the university and the fact that he was a basketball student-athlete here,” said David Roach, McLaughlin’s successor as the current director of intercollegiate athletics and recreation.
Fordham men’s and women’s basketball teams, along with the women’s volleyball team, typically enjoy a decent home court advantage. Twenty-two of men’s basketball’s 30 wins over the past three seasons have been at home, including going 14-5 in 2015. This season, they upset eventual March Madness tournament participant Virginia Commonwealth at home.

Women’s basketball has not had a losing record at home since 2011. It went 16-3 at home this season, including a 66-52 victory over tournament team Dayton and a 62-54 win over Davidson in the first round of the Atlantic 10 Championship.

Twenty-four of women’s volleyball’s 46 wins since 2012 have come at home.

The Rose Hill Gym has also hosted other events, including the semifinals and championship of The Basketball Tournament in 2016, which was televised on ESPN.

There are 16 comments

  1. Fundraising 101

    This should be titled How Not To Fundraise ! Dumb move, the gym has mostly been one of defeats and frustration. Have not had a winning team since 1992 with Nick Macarchuk in the Patriot League, worst recruit was Smush Parker!

  2. Paul Dougherty

    All in favor & Very Enthused about Endowment campaign as well as weight lifting room improvements to Lombardi, but this McLaughlin Court is Lombago, Not Lombardi

  3. Jonathan

    Fordham Men’s basketball program has been one of the worst performing programs in D1 of the last 25 years. This is an absolutely pathetic program, and Frank had a leading role in creating the farce that is the Fordham Men’s program. Antiquated facilities, membership in a conference that we cannot hope to compete in, and the weight of decades of losing. Naming the court at the RHG to “honor” Frank is insulting to the few remaining Fordham basketball fans.

    Just eliminate the the program and go club. That’s where this is heading anyway.

  4. Bob

    How about the McLaughlin Family Court in the Tom Pecora Arena to really capture the contribution of both to the basketball program.

  5. mike

    Ok, so, the proposal implies that the basketball court/floort is being named after the McLaughlins. This article says the entire Rose Hill Gym is being re-named. Is this accurate or mis-reporting?

  6. Tom Pecora

    They definitely should name the court after Frank. He hired me amdist a national search and gave me an extension after losing 20 games! By saying something, you commenters are saying nothing,

  7. FREE THE F 4

    I love Fordham dearly and respect Fr. McShane greatly, but this decision is appalling. Totally misguided and inappropriate. BOT please reconsider and aim higher.

  8. Roger

    Just not a good idea. Many alums do not agree with the naming of the court. It would be better to just do the upgrade without any naming rights and then begin the planning for what is truly needed which is a new gym seating 6000-7000 fans.and which could also be used as an entertainment center for concerts and guest speakers. Time to enter the 21st century.

  9. ConfusedRam

    Look closely at Mr. Roach’s Quote: “I think the university decided to honor Frank McLaughlin after his many years of service to the university and the fact that he was a basketball student-athlete here…”
    No mention of Frank’s Success, and that’s because we didn’t have much success under Frank. Definitely not enough to earn him naming rights in our Gym.

  10. mike

    Explain to me the rationale for adding Frank’s daughters to being worthy of naming on the court? Please correct me if I am wrong…..three (3) young women who did what, accept free tuition and room and board? Would that be accurate?

    Ok, now for the dyslexic part. You are supposed to name a gym or a court after people who give you money, not people who take your money.

  11. mike

    This is a disgrace.

    Go to and read the records of Frank’s basketball teams over the time of his tenure.

    One BOT member called him a “force” on the sidelines of basketball. During Franks tenure, the Fordham records in basketball at OUR gym were: Mens: Wins 311 Losses 477……Womens: Wins 304 Loss 486.

    615 wins 963 losses
    Men’s basketball averaged : 11.5 wins and 17.6 losses per year during Franks tenure
    Women’s basketball averaged : 11.3 wins and 18 losses per year during the Frank’s tenure.

    You folks are literally delusional and this is an utter disgrace.

  12. ConfusedRam

    This is a slap in the face, and the fact that we haven’t raised a paltry 2.5mm yet proves to me that the Fordham Faithful are not behind naming the court after Frank. Naming rights should be saved for someone who DONATES the money to the school. Who came up with this idea?

  13. Fordham '77

    1) The gym is not being renamed. The idea . . and a terrible one at that . . . is to give the basketball court (i.e., the floor) the “McLoughlin” monker.
    2) Frank McLoughlin’s basketball coaching record was abysmal; he aspired to mediocrity.
    3) As Fordham’s Athletic Director his ineptitude with the basketball program . . . men’s and women’s . . . is legendary.
    4) No Ram should support this ego stroking fiasco.


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