O Don’t Do That


Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants has been the subject of negative attention. (Courtesy of Twitter)

By Anthony Cardone

Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants has been the subject of negative attention. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Giants wide receiver and star player Odell Beckham Jr. has been one of the most talented and fun players to watch on the field in the NFL. Off the field, Beckham has been nothing but a nightmare. His immaturity and bad behavior have become nothing but annoying and embarrassing to the Giants organization.

Whether it’s the temper tantrums or fighting with other players on the field, Beckham has been a significant distraction to this team. For example, who could forget the Josh Norman/Odell game or throwing a fit with the kicking net on the sideline? The latter made him a laughingstock, since the kicking net won after it fought back and hit him in the head.

These may be in the past now, but things seem to be progressively getting worse. Beckham is a free agent-to-be and would like a contract extension, even quoting “I will not step on the field without an extension from the Giants.” He has already said he will not be playing in the preseason, mostly due to last season’s injury problems that started with an ankle injury in the preseason. But Beckham’s behavior problems seem to be making the Giants question whether they will pay or not.

A video was released a couple weeks ago that appeared to show Beckham on a bed with a supermodel, along with what looked like multiple drugs on the bed. Some reports say it was a mixture of cocaine and marijuana. It wasn’t confirmed Beckham was taking the drug, but it isn’t a scene you want to be in, especially when you’re looking to get paid. Another video was released of Beckham in a club getting into a fist fight and getting hit in the head by another person. Beckham’s anger issues are not just apparent on the field, but seem to be wherever he goes.

There are now rumors that the Giants are looking at offers for the wide receiver. Reports say the team is looking for at least two first-round picks for Beckham. A few teams have reportedly offered for Beckham, including the Rams, Colts and Browns. Cleveland in particular is somewhat interesting, as they have two first-round picks and just acquired Jarvis Landry, Beckham’s old teammate at LSU.

Is it worth it for the Giants to trade Beckham? Most likely, the Giants would try and use those picks to draft a top-flight quarterback and also get the consensus most-talented player in the draft, Penn State running back Saquon Barkley.

Some Giants fans have already gotten it in their head that it’s time to trade Beckham, but, in reality, they’re not going to trade a top guy like Beckham. The talent is too strong to just trade him away. His contract might be deducted a couple of millions of dollars, maybe a suspension if he keeps acting this way, but Beckham needs to get his act together. If he wants his new contract, to keep fans on his side and maybe even to just stay on the field, it may be the only way.