Public Safety Briefs, Jan. 27 – Jan. 30


Compiled by Victor Ordonez 

Jan. 27
9:25 pm

A student was reported trying to sneak in an unauthorised visitor without signing them in at the guard desk. Public safety was notified and found the students. The unauthorised visitor was sent back to her residence hall and Residential Life was notified of the violation.

Jan. 27
10:45 pm
Finlay Hall

A fire alarm was pulled in Finlay Hall. Residents were forced to evacuate as F.D.N.Y. arrived shortly after. There was reportedly no fire and Public Safety is actively investigating who pulled the alarm.

Jan. 29
9:25 pm
Hughes Ave.

Students reported a gas leak coming from their stove in their apartment on Hughes Ave. The apartment was immediately evacuated and Public Safety was notified. Facilities was called to respond and confirmed that the student’s stove was faulty. The leak was fixed and the students returned.

Jan. 30
2:45 pm
Campbell Hall

A food delivery personnel informed Public Safety of an incident that transpired at Campbell hall. The student who had ordered food approached the deliverer, but reportedly forgot their wallet in his or her dorm. The student never returned with money to claim the food.

Jan. 30
10:40 pm
Terra Nova

Public Safety Supervisors were warned of burnt food on a stove within Terra Nova. A student had ignited the stove and smoke was starting to fill the room. Supervisors were able to ventilate the smoke and prevent setting off the fire alarm.