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The Seersucker: What to Wear to Under the Tent

April 24, 2013

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI COLUMNIST This Spring Weekend’s Under the Tent is Great Gatsby themed, and the advertising flyer shows that the dance will draw stylistically from the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film. Promotional materials for the film have been heavily electric, with a forceful sonic presence and nearly steampunked set design in the typically gaudy style of Lurhmann’s films, and it all seems very sensational. The motiva...

The Seersucker: Discovering Your Personal Style

April 17, 2013

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI COLUMNIST I recently went to the theater —paying the usual exorbitant rate for my ticket stub — and saw The Place Beyond the Pines, the latest Derek Cianfrance film. The film opens in a 1990s setting and makes full use of the decade’s oversized drapery and visually dense graphics. Ryan Gosling’s adrenaline junkie motorcycling character, Luke Glanton, epitomizes the era with his oversized Metall...

The Seersucker: Workwear’s Continuous Evolution

April 10, 2013

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI Manual labor is tough on clothes that do not cut it. It is no easy task to work under the hood of a car--serpentine belts and fans--while managing the perilous dangle of a necktie, and the inevitable grease stains, smudging and torsion will eat through oxford cloth like a chainsaw through tofu. This is why we have workwear, the result of necessity meeting ingenuity. Before Carhartt started logo branding sl...

The Seersucker: Figuring out Spring Fashion

April 3, 2013

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI Spring is here and we can all lighten up. In honor of the recent seasonal developments I’ve decided to switch up the format into question and answer. Q: Most of the clothes I own are what you might call winter style. Everything is on the darker side, mostly blacks and grays. What should my first step into spring be if I am starting from zero? A: Well, the problem with only owning darker shades is that w...

The Seersucker: Exploring the Power of Themewear

March 20, 2013

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI COLUMNIST As we all know, yet may not completely remember, Sunday was St. Patrick’s Day, a time for “themewear” and uniform shamrock green. The physical indulgences of a holiday, such as hotdogs on the 4th, interrupt our otherwise healthy diets in the same way that the strange proclivities of holiday garb, such as flag print shirts on the 4th, disrupt our otherwise reasonable wardrobe. Most style...

The Seersucker: What We Mean By ‘Streetwear’

March 6, 2013

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI The compound word/fashion idiom “streetwear” gets thrown around a lot in digital style circles like blogs and forums, but it is not self-explanatory. “Streetwear” is the shorthand that has come to differentiate between office proper and the casual oriented. Streetwear comprises the clothing associated with the latter, and is epitomized by the skateboarding inspired label Supreme. Supreme and the other br...

The Seersucker: Navigating the World of Skinny Ties

February 20, 2013

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI The tie is a marvelous bit of tailored fabric that serves absolutely no purpose. So why are designers so thoroughly obsessed with mitigating its visual presence into that of a thin sliver? The skinny tie exists because thin lapelled suits exist. The lapel is that bit of fabric on a suit that folds and drapes over the chest. In theory, the widest point of a tie should equal the widest point of a lapel. This...

The Seersucker: Finding the Perfect Pair of Pants

February 14, 2013

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI Modern pants are very weird. Historically, pants have always rose to meet the waist, or more precisely the navel. This made sense as the widening parts of the torso, the hips and lower chest, were separated geometrically by a horizontal waistband. The recent trend toward low-rising trousers is an oddity when we consider the natural form of a human being. These pants, now situated on the widest part of t...

The Seersucker: The World of Modern Jackets

February 6, 2013

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI COLUMNIST Modern jackets are cut to a much shorter length than their traditional counterparts. They cut off at a high hip level at the bottom, and tend to fit more snugly on the shoulders than a suit jacket from any other era of history might. This sweeping trend of shorter jackets is largely attributed to the efforts of Thom Browne’s revisionist interpretation of traditional American clothing, but it...

The Seersucker: Tackling the World of Suits

January 30, 2013

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI The suits of the 90’s were largely relegated to the traditional business shades of slate, steel and navy. There is certainly nothing wrong with dark solids and their severe connotations, but designers and sartorialists have since grown bored with the constraints of repetition. Fortunately, men’s style has a strong history of sharp patterns and exciting color utilization, and a thorough combing of that ...

The Seersucker: Let’s Wear More Sweaters

November 7, 2012

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI It’s cold outside as of late. We all need to wear more sweaters. Responsible for insulating the layer between outerwear and underwear with warm threads, knitwear is an important facet of any wardrobe. Knitwear is perfectly fine to wear a sweater sans coat in a time of less-extreme frigidity. I have this one “Fair Isle” jumper, the kind with the bands of clashing colors running horizontally across the body,...

The Seersucker: The Uncertain Purpose of Ties

October 24, 2012

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By KEVIN ZEBROSKI The Seersucker provides a wealth of knowledge on sartorial fundamentals, contemporary male fashion and the mastery of personal style. The tie is an interesting piece of clothing. It serves no obvious purpose. It doesn’t keep the wearer warm, hold together a placket shirt or cinch the waist like a belt. It doesn’t even conceal a flask. The tie, nonetheless, is a unique article of clothing, and as forma...

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