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Fordham's Responsibility to Apply Privilege Towards Progress

Fordham’s Responsibility to Apply Privilege Towards Progress

May 30, 2020

The Fordham Ram encourages students to speak up and take action against the racism, white privilege and oppression that plague our country.

While voicing one’s opinions in class is encouraged, conservative students on our liberal campus may feel suppressed (Courtesy of Flickr).

Check Your Liberal Privilege

December 7, 2016

By Ryan Quinn The 58th Secretary of State Ed Muskie once said, “Americans like to believe that they are decent, and most of them are, nevertheless they find it easy to persuade themselves that there is too much risk, too much danger, ...

Yaeli Steinberg, a recent graduate from the University of California, Davis, speaks during a public forum on how best to deal with intolerance at the University of California on the campus at UCLA Monday, Oct. 26, 2015. Students, professors and activists spoke, with some Jewish groups arguing the schools should adopt a policy with a more precise definition of anti-Semitism and others saying it would stifle free speech.(AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Stop Saying You Aren’t Privileged

November 10, 2015

By Marcelle Meyer I witnessed an argument on Facebook last week that most of us have probably seen several times: an African American girl posted something about an injustice caused by white privilege,...

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