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A Case for Non-Christians to Read the Bible

A Case for Non-Christians to Read the Bible

April 18, 2018

By Jan-Carl Resurreccion “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?” So ask the followers of Jesus in the Gospel of John, Chapter 6, verse 60. The followers of Jesus back then found his teachings too unplea...

Keeping “Christ” in the Christmas Season

Keeping “Christ” in the Christmas Season

December 7, 2016

By Paul Samson The season of giving has, ironically, turned into the season of “the greatest deals” at the local mall. As we have come to the close of this year, we have once again reached that time when...

Professor’s Book Examines Syrian Church

Professor’s Book Examines Syrian Church

March 9, 2016

By Mark McNulty Dura-Europo, an ancient city which once served as a buffer between the innermost lands of the Roman empire and the far-flung armies which threatened it, sits above the sunken banks o...

Religion Is Not a Trend

Religion Is Not a Trend

February 3, 2016

By Jaclyn Weiner Over the years, religions have used celebrities to brand and popularize their churches. The Church of Scientology is the most well-known example of a church that practices this form of recruitment, and has ...

McShane Discusses How to ‘Rejoice,’ in Midst of Tragedy, at Annual Christmas Mass

December 20, 2012

By KELLY KULTYS NEWS EDITOR Students packed the pews of the University Church at Rose Hill on Sunday, Dec. 16 for the annual celebration of Gaudete Sunday, held on the third Sunday of Advent. Mass was followed by a brief celebration of the last day of Hanukkah and a Christmas party, both in the McGinley Center. This year, the Mass, which was celebrated by Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of the University...

In Wake of Connecticut Shooting, Fordham Community Unifies to Pray

December 14, 2012

By ELIZABETH ZANGHI Fordham students and faculty joined together Friday evening in Rose Hill's Our Lady's Chapel to pray for the victims of the elementary school shooting that happened earlier in the day in Newtown, Conn. The shooting, which happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday morning, resulted in the deaths of 28 people — 20 of them children between the ages of five and ten. The shooting was the nation's...

Orthodox Christian Fellowship Hosts Philokalia Lecture

November 28, 2012

Reverend John Anthony McGuckin Speaks to Students By EDDIE MIKUS STAFF WRITER The Orthodox Christian Fellowship hosted its annual Orthodoxy in America lecture on Nov. 14. The talk served as a general educational opportunity for all students, even those who do not adhere to one of the Orthodox Christian denominations. “The point of the Orthodoxy in America lecture series, as I understand it, is a way for not only Orthodox...

Ignatian Week Honors the Jesuit Mission

November 7, 2012

By FRANCESA LEITE STAFF WRITER Fordham celebrated Ignatian Week from Wednesday, Oct. 17 to Wednesday, Oct. 24.  During this week, Mission and Ministry hosted several events and activities on all three campuses.  These events included mealtime discussions, special guest lectures, masses and a pilgrimage. The discussions and lectures included topics such as the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Ignatian Spirituality,...

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