USG Finalizes New Constitution


Courtesy of United Student Government

By Kristen McNerney

The last United Student Government (USG) meeting of the semester was held on April 25 and saw the finalization of a long-awaited new constitution.

Senators decided on by-laws that had been up in the air for a few weeks.

The first was to continue to allow Select Committees, namely the Diversity Action Coalition (DAC), International Integration and Dining, to be chaired by all members of USG, including Senators and Cabinet members.

The second was to discontinue the allowance of only Senators and non-USG members to chair standing committees. Senators decided Cabinet members can have the opportunity to chair Standing Committees, which include Finance and Budgets, House, Operations, Dean’s Council, Communications, Sexual Misconduct and Sustainability.

Vice President of Student Life Ashley Qamar, GSB ’20, presented the Club Suite Guidelines. Qamar said the guidelines explain the rules and procedures associated with the jurisdiction of the House Committee.

She explained how the House Committee is in charge of allocating certain programming spaces to clubs that might need them, including spaces in the basements of McGinley and Keating, spaces in Collins Hall and Rodrigue’s Coffee House.

Senator Margaret Rothfus, FCRH ’20, and dining committee vice chair Frank LaGumina, GSB ’20, proposed Dining Committee by-laws. They explained how the committee consists of three sub-committees, namely, Health and Nutrition, Sustainability and Facilities.

The Sustainability Subcommittee of Dining conducts regular outreach with the Sustainability Subcommittee of USG, she said. Health and Nutrition subcommittee focuses on dietary needs and food variety. Facilities subcommittee focuses on quality of staffing, hygiene and hours of dining locations.

Rothfus and LaGumina also explained the committee’s mission statement, meeting times and general guidelines.

The committee was previously an unofficial addition to the dining liason position. The committe by-laws were approved by the senate making it an official committee.

Rothfus also delivered the dining report, and said that the acai base at Sambazon in Dagger John’s can now be used as a meal swipe, with Declining Cash Balance (DCB) used for toppings.

Executive President Connor Sullivan said he wanted to thank everyone for a successful USG year.

He closed the meeting by commemorating the life of Sydney Monfries, FCRH ’19, and the warm presence she had at Fordham.